First Time Home Owners!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

On October 30th, Brandon and I became first-time home owners! We met our realtor before the meeting and did a final walk-through of the house. It was the first time that I had been back since the first showing (B has been back plenty for a second showing, inspection, etc). I loved the house even more than I remembered it. On our way to the closing, our new neighbor was mowing his grass and waved to us. I loved it! New friends!

The closing meeting wasn't nearly as painful as we both anticipated, but there were as many papers to sign as we had been forewarned. We met the previous owners and they said it was a great house. I felt a little bad, but I was so happy for us that it passed quickly.

After the meeting, we made our way to Lowes for painting supplies, Wegman's for pizza (Yum!), and Sherwan Williams for paint. Then we headed back to our NEW HOME and had a candlelight dinner (hahhhahha) of pizza and beer (brandon), Cran-apple juice (tab).

We are planning on moving into the house over the course of November, since I can't really help with any lifting, moving furniture, painting, etc. We have a huge crew of family coming next weekend to help (YAY!) so a lot of the painting and demolition will (hopefully) get done next weekend. I have plenty of plans in mind about what I want to do to this house; some are immediate projects (painting, flooring, etc)- others can wait until next summer and later (guest bathroom?!?, expanding deck). I just can't wait to get all settled in! I already picked out the exact spot where our Christmas tree will go - HAH.

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