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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We finally got married, after over 8 years, on October 18, 2008 in our hometown of Johnstown, PA. It was the best and most tiring days of our lives. We had over 430 guests come to celebrate with us, which we both realize is incredibly obnoxious. But when you come from a small town and practically everyone there watched us grow up together, its hard not to invite people.

We live in Erie, PA in a townhouse that we rent and love. We have waaay to many unwrapped wedding gifts at this point and I've been feeling like my chi needs unblocked in a big way. We have a crazy kitten, Lola who we are pretty sure is either seeing ghosts or has a mental disorder. She is the sweetest thing when she's sleepy, but when she's fully awake she's a total loon. She loves wrestling with the faucet water in the bathroom sink. We technically aren't allowed to have pets, so Brandon's biggest fear is being found out. Lulu (as we so endearingly call her), of course makes a run for it everytime the front door is opened, which sends B into a full on sprint to get her "before the neighbors see her."

I feel currently like I need to involve myself more in life. Of course, a huge focus for me has just ended in the wedding, but I still feel like I need to push myself and us, as a couple, to do more. To be involved in LIFE. I read, alot, and I'm currently reading Twilight by Stephanie Meyer because I refuse to watch the movie without reading the book first. So far so good:) I guess I felt inspired to start a blog, partially because of Julie&Julia (the book), which is so fantastic; especially if you like blogging and/or cooking and/or reading. hah.

I'm currently also looking into opportunities for B and I to volunteer some time each week. I emailed the Boys&Girls club to see if they have anything they need help with. I know Brand would love to play sports with the kids, if possible. I'm interested in creating a volunteer-by-month calendar that will become a tradition in our family (heh, WE are a family!) So we'll have a staple volunteer idea to accomplish every month out of the year (i.e. working at soup kitchen in November, making cookies for a nursing home in December, etc) Just something small that we do every month together, as a family.

I have a lot of hopes for us as man&wife, but it always feels like we're waiting for something. The house to get organized, to save enough money, to be settled in jobs. THIS is our life, right now. ..and I know I lose track of that and settle into the same old routine. I would really like to do at least one thing out of the ordinary each week. One thing that makes us feel like we are LIVING.

Suggestions are appreciated.

Back to work and dishes and dinner and the gym. Ordinary life stuff for the moment.

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