Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We have made some very minor changes in our day/habits to try to be more green in the last year. I think that it seems pretty silly to not make small changes for a greater good. We certainly could do more, but here are a few ways that we have incorporated being green into our lives:

1. We recycle.
2. We use reusable bags EVERY time we go to the grocery store. Even when it annoys the bagging-kid.
3. I use Brandon's old t-shirts as dust rags instead of papertowels.
4. We use cloth napkins.
5. I do all the laundry on Mondays and all on cold.
6. We keep our thermostat at 68 degrees day and night and we live in Erie (i.e. there's already 2 inches of snow on the ground..probs until May now)
7. We drink water from the Brita, not from bottles.
8. We mail back the envelopes that come from credit card offers (if they want to send it-they can pay the postage for the returned empty envelope) and recycle the rest of the paper.
9. Twice a year, we sweep the house for stuff we can donate to Salvation Army (appliances, books, clothes, decorations, etc that we don't use anymore)
10. We eat off of real plates vs. paper plates everyday..even when I don't feel like cleaning up.
11. We use the dishwasher, and run it when its totally full on energy & water saver.
12. We use energy-saver (curly) lightbulbs.
13. We unplug appliances that we don't use all day long (coffee pot, toaster, cell phone chargers, hair dryers, etc)


  1. i love your green ideas. but im pretty sure that you should blog more frequently... i get bored... easily. MISS YOU!

  2. Tab, Kayla directed me to your blog. Isn't blogging fun? I really like your green ideas. I watched Oprah when she did the show on helping to save the planet. I am trying to make a few changes, but I'M OLD!! It is HARD to change!! Have a great day! Melodye Olsavsky