Goooood day!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good day reason#1
So, I swear I'm psychic sometimes. My last dream before waking up this morning was that we were taking more wedding pics and then when I checked my email - our photographer had sent the info to log on to look at our pics! We have been waaaaaaiting to see them, and I love them.

Good day reason#2
B called at like 9:30am and told me that ALDI only had 2 Wii's left and I went there and got one! So, now we have a Wii, yay!

Good day reason#3
Both our cute return address labels (hehe) and our wedding thank you cards were delivered today!

Good day reason#4
We're having breakfast for dinner tonight<3

Good day reason#5
Its a beautiful, sunny, cool, fall day. And I love it.

Good life reason#1
We're together.

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