Thank you August

Sunday, September 8, 2019

this is an oak tree behind our house that I am completely in love with
Thank you August for

  • another month of lots of outdoor time (over 135 hours!) which fuels my soul & mind with peace
  • a family mini vacation to the Poconos that had the kids smiling on amusement park rides, waterslides, and feeding animals; I know they will be memories that they hold on to forever
  • the Quemahoming dam and so many wonderful memories there this summer, especially the weekend of tent camping, fire meal cooking, kayaking, and moon lit nights over the lake. 
  • my 18 cheerleaders who bubble up with giggles and smiles each week at practices and who are always offering hugs and sweet notes and kind words
  • my mumma's birthday and her never-ending persistence to push through challenges; whether it be what life throws at her or 1000 steps trail on an incredibly humid summer evening. Love you mumma. 
  • the boys that are our minor football team line men who keep my Quarterback son safe, and who I check in with before the first game of the season to look them in the eyes and say, "keep my baby safe" and who all answer back, "I will." honestly - I love you boys so much. thank you xxo.
  • our hammock that provides my favorite reading spot
  • a rooster free coop (!) and a husband will do the hard things I ask him to do because it's what is best for our family and pets (sorry and thanks babe!)
  • a joyful, overwhelming, beautiful surprise
  • a half birthday for our Gemmi Ro who is so helpful, thoughtful, and generous with her kindness, time, and hugs. We are so lucky to be your family Roie. 
  • the start of a new school year that will help us all grow and be better
  • all my students this year and my class schedule that feels exactly perfect for me (first period prep and ninth lunch!)
  • another year on this Earth in a life that I feel so undeserving to get to live but so deeply grateful to have every single day.

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