100 Small Things 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

I have felt off for a few months, sort of stuck in a rut and feeling kind of down about the state of things; the world, myself, mostly the weather (hah). Usually my 100 small things list creation sparks a small flame inside of me that gets me all antsy-pantsy about the upcoming year - but this year it took me several weeks to really consider my choices and ideas. I wanted my list to be ambitiously doable (is that even a thing?) I need this year to be about realistic and intentional steps I can make towards being the me I want to be.

this is such a wacky stage of our lives; our bigs kids digging into sports seasons but still strapping little ones in and out of car seats, our big kids are pretty independent but right there on the edge that we forget that they still need reminders to do things like brush their teeth and wash under their armpits (hah). Our little ones are still little enough to need us for lots of things, but big enough that we can probably stop babying them so much too. We are both working full time jobs while volunteering with our kids' activities and trying to keep the spark alive in this ten+ year (19+ years together) relationship. We spread ourselves so thin sometimes that we make ourselves unavailable to the people who love us the most (ie. family).

Gosh, life.
we're all trying to figure this out and my 100 small things list is my focused way to make sure that despite the wildness and beauty of this life; I remain pointed in the direction of my dreams. That I am still playing the 'long game' for the person I hope to be and the life I hope to be living when I'm an old lady sitting on my porch swing holding Brandon's wrinkled, calloused hands listening to our bajillion grandkids chasing chickens around our yard. (hey, we all got dreams).

so here she is - 2019 addition of 100 small things.

1. 1000 hours outside (or at least beat 2018 hours)
2. last will and testaments complete
3. cover concession stand duty for my kids' coaches...BE the kids' coaches
4. find a way to meaningfully thank the people who supported and prayed for us through Gigi's journey
5. direct deposit our church contributions
6. plant a garden and tend to it
7. update our family photos in the hallway staircase including a canvas print of Rusty & Violet
8. Live like the seasons and find a quote to match (winter, spring, summer, fall)

9. finalize certification plans and begin
10. read 20 new to me books; 4 of them in Spanish
11. diversify my book authors and track
12. clear out and organize the living room desk and filing cabinets
13. learn some piano alongside Gemma (techniques and youtube)
14. learn French through the duolingo app
15. watch Marie Kondo's Netlflix series

16. try one month of HIIT exercise
17. drink 2 water bottles a day at work
18. average 12,000 steps a day (at least 5/7 days a week)
19. donate blood at least 4 times
20. when getting down on myself, repeat mantra, "I am grateful for this capable body"
21. explore hiking trail near Incline Plane downtown
22. attend a yoga class taught by my friend/coworker before she moves this summer
23. buy and try dry shampoo
24. go a whole month of 'blue dots' on the WW app
25. NSV: wear engagement ring comfortably
extra: keto for 3 months

26. snowboard with Greyson
27. painting class with Violet
28. see a show/ballet with Gemma
29. see a movie with Rustman
30. take the kids to sell our eggs at the farmer's market
31. volunteer in Grey and Gem's classes
32. figure out ipad/screen time control/system
33. finish 2017-18 yearbook
34. start 2018-19 yearbook
35. fix bedtime routine with the kids
36. update photos in kids' baby books
37. add kids' birthstones to my mother's ring
extras: enroll girls in summer camp courses at CCCAC
make & grow a new family member (hah), finish 2018-19 family yearbook

38. nsfw
39. once a month babysitter secured date
40. go heavy on the blond highlights for summer
41. add lace to my jammie collection
42. commit to a no-phone-zone bed
43. watch a complete Netflix series together

44. grandmas & kids mini trip
45. email our family weekly with kids' schedules
46. clean and clear instagram feed to spark joy (from 700+ to under 300!)
47. plan a party
48. host a grandparents dinner at our house (have the kids help cook and plan)
49. scf monthly happy hour at our homes

50. update Amazon subscribe and save
51. put money aside for Christmas all year long
52. update budget ledger and discuss with B
53. switch bill pay duties to Brandon for the next 10 years
54. look into cable/DirectTV/other options and changes
55. switch garbage services
56. do a month of no spending
57. close out random money CD at old bank
58. find a path to pay off student loan by 2020
59. cancel subscription boxes for the girls

60. writing retreat with Loni
61. attend a Johnstown writer's club meet-up
62. write 100 blogposts
63. write at least 50 pages to my novel
64. write a short story
65. organize CCD lesson plans and put in a binder by grade
66. write a monthly gratitude post
extra: submit short story for publication

67. AKT playdate weekend at the halfway point
68. celebrate someone's birthday (trip!)
69. renew passports
70. get Rusty a passport
71. celebration trip to FL with Gigi and Pappy
72. Plan Disney 2020 trip
73. visit Erie, PA

74. fix living room curtain rod
75. clean stove
76. buy 2 kayaks
77. bookcase/built ins for the playroom
78. donate books and toys to the daycare
79. move family meals to the dining room table
80. roof a patio
81. choose beautiful flowers for our front porch planters
82. correct the clocks in the kids' rooms
83. write down and stash our family favorite recipes
84. go through kitchen cupboards and organize
85. buy a fiddle leaf fig plant for the living room
86. hang a fern (or other plant) in our bathroom
87. clear and purge our closet
88. clean out and organize the attic
89. order cornhole bags

90.. clear out and organize filing cabinets and closet
91. laminate word wall and hang with magnets
92. curriculum map for 2019-20
93. participate in Wooly Week 2019
94. post and create classroom signs (phrase starters, etc)
95. take Spanish club juniors and seniors to the Gateway clipper
96. host a taco truck day at school
97. take over Prom committee 2019-20
98. start Project Lit grou with Renee and Ashley (book club with students)
99. take Praxis Fundamental Knowledge test
100. have a co-founders meeting and make decisions about The Hunting Daddies


  1. I love that you wrote that this helps you so that "I remain pointed in the direction of my dreams" YES YES YES. I so agree! And also with the postscript that it may not mean checking off all 100, but ANY progress is forward progress, which is a good thing and should be celebrated too! Can't wait to hear how your year goes. XOXO

  2. Love this. And I second what Ashley said- "pointed in the direction of your dreams" is just gorgeous and a beautiful reminder of where we all want to be.
    A few thoughts...
    1) Dry shampoo will change your life. For reals. I swear by the stuff and can no longer live without it.
    2) When you are ready to start organizing those closets and sorting through those filing cabinets, but you feel overwhelmed, watch an episode (just one will do it!) of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, (per your list!) and you will have ALL the motivation you need. She is amazing and kind and gentle and inspiring. You will love her. And she will spark such a fire in you for getting your things in order.
    3) PLEASE share with us what you figure out for screen time limits/rules. I am always curious what works in other people's houses. We are constantly changing what we do, but currently it's none during the week, and sort of limitless on weekends. Not sure that's a great balance. hah!
    4) Laughing OUT LOUD about transferring bill pay responsibilities to Brandon. Can we make this a thing and let Josh know he will also be on duty???
    5) Definitely clean your stove if it needs it... I heard about a girl who was making some noodles for her son who had his tonsils out, and her stovetop caught fire cause the burner was so gross from not being cleaned for so long. The fire alarm went off and she had to put the fire out with baking soda and the house was smokey and it really freaked out her kids. (shaking my head) She must really be lazy. (heh heh) Just a cautionary tale I head. (wink wink)
    Sending love and joy as you tackle this list this year.
    I always feel so motivated to be my BEST self after I read you and Ashley's lists.
    You girls are so inspiring!!!