Around Here 16-17: 04/15-04/28

Saturday, May 12, 2018

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

photo cred: Jenn Valentine

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  47+ hours (of 1000)
Racking up another seventeen hours between baseball, soccer, and walks with the dogs. If you can believe it - we had a huge SNOW STORM (one last one for the year). The flakes were enormous, almost cartoonish, and at that point it felt like if you didn't laugh about it we were all going to cry. Everyone is so ready for blue skies and warmer temperatures, these kids need to get outside and run themselves ragged! We did see a few beautiful days sprinkled in there and we leaped on the opportunity to be outside when it came. We enjoyed some early morning outdoors with the chickens one day and soaked up the last bit of sunset after Grey's baseball game one night. Spring - please arrive for good!

Reading and finishing I was the One Who Got Away by Andrea Jarrell for our Books & Brews book club. It was  a good, quick read - beautiful little strings of writing - but also felt a little disconnected at the end. The big kids and I had to hit up the book store for a birthday party and after about five minutes I announced to them, "This is why Momma is NOT allowed in the book store" as my hands were full of books for myself. I picked up four new books and devoured Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult in a few days. So good.

Cheering on our cheerleader. Gem had a local showcase during the week and it was so fun to be so up close and watch her do her routine - her facial expressions have gone over the top (hahah, just like her Aunt Uch used to do!) and then Gem, Daddy, and I headed out early Sunday morning to see her last competition in Hershey, PA. They did great and had fun - Gem has really enjoyed her time with her cheer squad and it was so much fun to see her do something that suits her little strong and bendy body so well.

Spring sporting is in full swing. Baseball games have fluctuated between mid 30 degree temps to low 70's. Grey is playing second base this year and he's the fourth pitcher. He is loving it and anxiously awaits his next game or practice every day all week. Soccer practices have continued twice a week as weather allows and the kids are all so sweet and silly. I'm so thankful my Dad (Coach Chum) is coaching with me - he always makes everyone laugh and keeps them on their toes stealing the ball from the kids as they dribble or blocking their goals - reminds me so much of his goofy teasing when we were little.

Building our chicken coop! Our once baby chicks have now grown into teenager chickens and they need to! Building the chicken coop has basically become priority one on our to do list. We have been so lucky that both grandpas are handy and they have both made time to help get the building underway. Cousin Butter even stayed late into the night helping B frame it all out and the kids have tried to be as helpful as possible when they can. We are all hands on deck to get these hens out of momma's house before she decides we're just going to EAT THEM. hahaha (kidding, kind of).

Celebrating baby Tessa's first birthday! Three of the kids and I made the trip out for Tessa's bday (Grey and B had to stay behind for a baseball game) and we loved seeing that sweet girl - a year already!? Gosh, it was just another reminder that time don't stop for no one. Tess got a beautiful day for her outdoor party and my girls had an absolute blast playing with Tess and her girl cousins (#girlsquadgoals big time). It is always the best day ever when we get to see our besties Jon,Ninna, and Tessa girl.

Calling in sick to stay home with Gemmi who was knocked down with a fever and sore throat. Her tenth missed day of school this year - boy, doesn't kindergarten really slam their little immune systems?! especially since Gem was our only child who never attended daycare/preschool, her little antibodies got their work out this year! While Gem slept and drank chicken soup, I whipped around the house finishing massive amounts of chores and grading - it was amazing.

Date nighting to see A Quiet Place (loved it) and then got a bite to eat at the Woodside Grill. Thank you to our favorite Mary Poppins Ms. Hannah for babysitting and keeping our kiddos so happy while we get out just the two of us.

Babysitting our cousins for the weekend as their parents headed south for their ten year anniversary 'honeymoon'. We had seven kids in our house for 36 hours and it was so fun and exhausting and hilarious. It's pretty amazing though how some extra kids in the house HELP keep everyone content and busy! The kids all played together and I was only needed on call for food and bathroom duty basically - almost no breaking up sibling fights!

End of school year prepping and signing all the permission slips and papers (hah). We have field trips coming up for both kids, mystery reader dates, Q & U's wedding in kindergarten, and we just celebrated Read-a-thon and Reading night. Our school Reading night is so awesome and one of our favorite school events of the year. The theme was backpacking across America and each room is themed and has fun activities. It is such a fun time of the year - but also so wild. We can see the end in sight!

Teaching and reading Fiesta Fatal with my Spanish 3 students and they are doing so well with understanding the past tense in real time. Spanish 2 and Spanish 2 Honors are working their way through their last Martina Bex Somos Units while Spanish 1 were busy working on their family tree projects. Spanish 1 Honors is working their way through Capibara con Botas. Our Spanish Club made another visit to the Elementary school for their last 'lesson' of the year (trying to get one more visit in to just have a fiesta!) and they did so well and make me so proud. I keep looking at my curriculum map and feeling panicky knowing that we are so close to the end of the year but plenty to accomplish before then!

Making chili over noodles, salmon for grown-up dinner night, slow cooker potato soup, homemade haluski, burgers on the grill, and B made some shrimp, corn, and bean stir fry that was so yummy.

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  1. Oh my gosh that chicken picture with your book is my FAVORITE! Haha! So cute!
    (Also, can't wait to hear what you think of that book- I haven't read it yet!)
    So happy you had a day where you could get a million things done at home, although I'm sorry Gemma was sick! First grade has been brutal on Wyatt, who also didn't attend preschool. Building that immune system!
    Also love that you got a date in with your man! So lovely!