Around Here 20: 05/13-05/19

Thursday, May 31, 2018

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 93+ hours (of 1000)
Up 22 hours this week - so close to the first 100 hours, which feels like it takes the longest to accumulate through the chilly first part of the year! We snagged more hours this week at spring sports games for baseball, soccer, and our co-ed volleyball league. Both of my chaperoning trips this week (below) were mostly outdoors too - win!  

Reading My Husband's Wife by Jane Corry and enjoying it so far! 

Celebrating momma's day kind of low key. We went to church and Grey did another reading with his first holy communion class for May Crowning. Then we had breakfast with Gigi and Pappy at Eat 'n Park (my momma was headed to Mexico for vacation!) Gigi and Pappy kindly took the kids for a little while so B and I could grab some chicken feed from Tractor Supply and spring flowers at Stuver's Riverside Nursery. We spent the rest of the afternoon planting our new flowers and garden seedlings and hanging out at home. I also got some beautiful school & homemade crafts and cards from the kids, a huge bouquet of flowers that the big kids convinced Uncle Juice to buy for them for me (hah, thanks Jason xox), a gorgeous necklace set from my sisters, and 

Raising our painted lady butterflies and always being amazed at how fast they grow. We are anxiously awaiting for them to form into chrysalis. 

Starting co-ed volleyball league back up and it was so great getting the gang back together again (hah). We had just had practice this week and we carted along all four kids with us - so while they were yelling for us, wandering about the park, and setting off our car alarm (ahem, Rusty) - it was the perfect representation of our team name "A Bag of Cats" LOL. Luckily our team is so patient and kind with them (and us) - we are even called Mom and Dad on our team (hahha). It is one of our favorite summer activities; playing on a team together - so we can deal with the crazy. 

Feeling surprised and grateful that Bullet is our dedicated chicken herder! Yes, you read that correctly. We let the chickens free range in the yard during the day (outside of our invisible dog fence) but when it gets to be dusk, we have been calling Bullet down and he bounds and rounds them all up into the coop. It is unbelievable as Bullet has been a grade A maniac his whole life. But this is what the pup has been waiting for and he is loving his job and takes it very seriously. 

Chaperoning twice this week. I visited Vale Wood Farms on Gemma's kinder field trip on Wednesday and had a great time. It was the perfect balance of fun, educational, and perfectly paced for their age group. We even got to make ice cream in a bag (!) and had lunch outside and ice cream! On Friday, I headed out to Hershey Park to chaperone our Senior Class trip for the day. It was a long day (6:15a-11p) but we had a good time, I got to ride a few rides, and helped a student try lots of new things for the first time (places, food, and rides). 

Teaching only three days this week because of all my chaperoning! And it was Keystone testing, so the whole week felt a little mixed up. We celebrated our final food days in Spanish 1 and Spanish 3 Honors. I had one Spanish 1 class period make it all the way to the last episode of Mi Vida Loca and I was glad because that was the class that were invested the most in Merche and her drama (hah, "Pan Lady' as they called her). I switched out my bulletin board to display student work and I'm very slowly taking down some classroom decor and organizing. 

Making next to nothing - gosh end of the year and spring sports season has me so unmotivated in the meals department. B did grill some honey porkchops and we boiled some chicken to make crispy bbq chicken tacos and shredded chicken and rice bowls. 

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