Shark Week!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

We love celebrating in small ways for every holiday possible.  We hang paper lanterns on Lunar New Year, eat King's Cake for breakfast on Mardis Gras, tell ghost stories around candle light for Earth Hour, hug trees on Arbor Day, light sparklers in honor of Juneteenth, and sing Happy Birthday to our pets on our own designated Pet Birthday Day.

Shark Week gets tossed into the mini-celebration bundle for holidays in our house and so when I reminded Grey that Shark Week begins on Sunday (7/23/17), he broke into a huge smile.  I try to keep it festive but also simple because #keepingitreal. Here are some of the ways we celebrate Shark Week in our house:

Read Shark books
We have a collection of Shark books that we keep tucked away until Shark Week and then dig into the deep all week.

Sharks and other dangers of the deep by Priddy Books, Sharkopedia by Discovery Channel, Sharks from National Geographic Reader, and Hungry, Hungry Sharks a Step into Reading book. (Amazon associates linked, thank you for supporting Team Studer)

And from Usborne (Need to reach a consultant? Meghan is mine!): 1000 Things Under the Sea, Lift the Flap SharksUnder the Sea (baby board book)

Make Shark Week themed food.
There are a ton of creative ideas on Pinterest for Shark week.  I encourage you to check them out.  I'll share my favorites...and by favorites, I mean the ones that I would actually do with four kids and limited time and money.

This Easy Shark week pancake breakfast from Everything I do is All for the Boys (also will help us get through our massive collection of blueberries!)

Shark Week Waffles from Random Thoughts of a Supermom

Banana Sharks! 

Shark Ice Cubes from Thinking Outside the Sandbox 


Popcorn shrimp

Box cupcakes with store bought icing topped with Swedish fish or Blue Shark gummies

Sand dollar Cinnamon Sugar cookies from Mama Miss

Make Shark crafts
Same rules apply for the food ideas - tons of inspiration on Pinterest, but I'll share my favorite (low cost, low time effort) ideas below -

Paper Plate Shark mouths from Dollar Store Crafts 

Shark Hats

Lego sharks from Little Bins for Little Hands

Free Printable coloring Shark pages from Super Coloring

Shark facepainting 

watch Shark Shows
Discovery Channel has it's show line up listed online, but you can basically turn on the station at any point during Shark Week and catch interesting shows.  (Our two big kids cannot wait to see Phelps vs Shark this Sunday night!) Be warned though, some are a little more graphic than others, so I wouldn't necessarily place our kids in front of the tv and walk away.

...and then follow our questions and interests to learn more.
Lots of times we watch a Shark Week show and it spikes an interest in learning more about something specific.  Like shark attack survivor and coolest surfer chick ever Bethany Hamilton, or to see more Great Whites jumping out of the water videos on youtube, or other weird stuff that have been found in sharks' bellies.

Play & Sing 

Sing the Baby Shark Song
here's a youtube video of the song and hand gestures (Rusty's favorite song!)...although our version ends much more sinister with 'shark attack!' as we tickle the kids....hahaha, oops!

Sharks & Minnows
Do you know this fun game that works in the yard or in a pool?  Our kids love it!
One 'shark' stands in the middle of the playing space (yard with boundaries, pool between two ends, or gym).
All other players are the 'minnows'
Minnows try to get from one side to the other without being 'caught' (tagged)
Once a minnow gets caught they turn into a shark and try to catch minnows

The Shark bit my cup
A water transfer game from Toddler Approved

Do you have any other suggestions for us?
Happy Shark Week!!

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