Easter 2016

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Somehow Easter already feels like a hundred years ago, but I'm reaching back into the recesses of this 'ole pregnancy brain to try to do a little catch up of a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

Easter is fairly low key when it comes to the bunny and his surprises.  The kids woke up giddy to baskets of candy and one book each and a few hidden eggs around the house to find too (filled with candy).  I was the first up (per usual) and then Grey was next begging to wake everyone up so we could go downstairs.

We spent some time snacking on chocolate (Easter breakfast standard at our house) and then packed up Easter clothes and loaded everyone up to head out to Gigi and Pappy's house for official Easter breakfast before church.  The kids were overjoyed to find all kind of goodies 'left by the Easter bunny' at their house and we all woofed down lots of yummy food like Gigi's homemade cinnamon rolls and ham sandwiches.  We got to play and chat before getting into our Easter dress clothes and heading off to church at 11am for mass. 

After mass, we headed out to Abba and Chum's house to celebrate Easter lunch with our Adams family: 19 aunts, uncles, and cousins in all!  Our Adams family is pretty good at keeping with tradition of eating holiday meals together even though our grandparents passed away 10 years ago (!), we still all try to be together on Easter, Christmas, and Thanksgiving - just like when our grandparents use to have us all together.  Now, my Mum and the aunts take turns hosting and everyone brings a part of the meal and we still get to spend time as extended family.  I am so grateful for that.  

After we ate, we had an egg hunt and soccer game in the yard - it was such a beautiful day!  We laughed and talked about funny stories and Gemma set up a nail painting salon on the deck for anyone who even feigned interest.  We got to facetime chat with two of our cousins that couldn't be there (Kara and Brett in Costa Rica! and Rebecca stationed with the Navy in Florida!) It was such a nice day to enjoy the sunshine and have everyone else tire our kids out (hahha, kidding.  kind of).

Then we loaded up again, with more Easter loot in the form of eggs, candy, and little treats and headed out to Mimi's house for Easter dinner.  (We do some seriously good eating on holidays).  Mimi's house had almost all but cleared out at the point and we were sorry to have missed some of our cousins ('tis the nature of big families!) We did get to spend time with some extended family and get in some snuggles with Mimi while we all winded down from a busy day of lots of running around and hugging.

Grey and Gem were thrilled to spend time with their cousin Morgan, who helped them set up the wii and challenged them in some games (the coolest big girl ever!) and Violet snoozed for almost our whole visit - her second Easter in her life proved to be too much fun.

As I'm always reminded on holidays, we are so very lucky to have such a big family full of people that love and support us and our kids.  Even when we get towards the end of the day on any given holiday, and we're totally exhausted and knowing that we have a car to unload and overtired kids to wrestle into bed - I remind myself that we are blessed to have so many homes to visit where people feed our bodies, minds, and hearts.  People who are always in our corner cheering for us.

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