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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

These two.

They are pretty funny (among other adjectives I could think of - HAH).  Here's a little sampling of the best quotes from them over the past few months that I've been compiling to share. Hope they bring a smile to your face too :)


Gemma slammed her head off the door frame while attempting a gymnastic move and so I was snuggling her
Gemma:  when will my booboo get better? 
Me:  my grandma always said it would get better before you get married 
Gemma:  did you have any booboos when you got married?
Me:  nope, they all got better!
Gemma:  well I know what could make me better right now, true loves kiss

On the second to last Friday in Lent
Greyson:  boy!  Fish sure makes ya fart! 

Singing old macdonald to Violet and the kids were supplying the animals on the farm so I could do their sound in the song. 
Me:  old macdonald had a farm e I e I o
And on his farm he had a...
Gemma:  unicorn! 
Me:  gem. What does a unicorn say?
Gemma:  magical sounds? 

Greyson (whispering to his sister):  I won't tattle tell on you ,okay Gem. 
Greyson (aloud): I spilled the paint downstairs
Dad: did you? 
Greyson:  well I'm not telling on my sister

Me: you write on paper. Not on couches, not on walls, not on your own body, not on the floor. ON PAPER!
Gemma:  Lord in Heaven, help me. 

Me:  Grey! What's that banging sound?
Grey: what sound?
Me: the one that sounds like you're dragging something down the steps
Grey: um, I think it's your imagination.

While sitting at the breakfast table waiting for Brandon to come down dressed for work.
Gemma:  my handsome boy is going to come down soon!

Outside playing:
Gemma (mumbles something)
Greyson:  did she just say 'hell no?'
Me: I hope not, that's a curse
Gemma:  no I said, 'Aww shi...." (Trailing off while looking at me sideways)...I mean oh God!
Me: Gem, still both curses.

While sitting on her grandfather Chum's lap, Gemma spilled half a bottle of water on the both of them
Chum:  Gem!  It's all over my shorts!
Gemma:  Well it's all over MY FEELINGS!!

After Grey refused to apologize nicely to his sister for kicking her in the face on the trampoline
Me:  That's a shame because you know Karma works fast, my friend.  Something bad will happen to you now since you chose to be unkind to your sister.
(about ten minutes later at lunch)
Grey:  what's on my hair? I can see something
Me:  Um, looks like a little spider
-spider jumps down on a web onto Greyson's nose -
Grey:  Mom!
Me: (sweeping it off) Got it.
Grey:  Omigosh, was that the karma?!

Love, Greyson and Gemma

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