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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It has recently been just non-stop hilarity over here from my two big kids.  For some hump day laughs, please enjoy these two little comedians.

chocolate milk at New Years

While brushing my hair
Gemma:  you looking beautiful, momma.
Me: Thanks honey for fixing my hair
Gemma:  okay, now I need scissors
Me:  Gem.  No.
walking towards the steps to go downstairs
Gemma:  It's okay, Momma, I'm just going to cut MY hair
Me:  Gemma.  I said No.  You cannot use scissors right now and you definitely can not cut your own hair!
Gemma:  I don't understand you.
Me:  Come back in here, honey.
Gemma: (stomping in room) I don't care!

While discussing his basketball birthday party (in APRIL; 3 months away)
Greyson:  and Daddy's whole basketball team is invited
Me:  Hah, okay, sweetheart
Greyson:  and you need to put on their papers for inviting  (breathless) You...can...sleep....over!!
Me:  Um, I don't think that's going to work, buddy.  There's too many, where would everyone fit?
Greyson:  The littlest player, Mark* can use my sleeping bag.  
Me:  And what about Gabe*?  He's so long, where will he sleep?
Greyson:  I have a great idea!  Under our bunk beds!
*names changed to protect players' identities  (hahha)

Greyson:  Mom!!  Gemma said a fairy stole her make-up
Gemma:  A fairy did take it.  He picked it up and flew it away with his wings!

Greyson:  What other colors are lions?
Me:  I think just orange, yellow, and brown.  I've never heard of a white or black lion.
Greyson:  There are white ones in Antarctica
Greyson:  there are!  
Me:  where did you hear that?
Greyson:  Daddy told me
Greyson:  you didn't hear us because we were sneaking downstairs talking quietly
Greyson:  okay, I'm telling a lie, but I know there are white lions in Antarctica.  I just know inside my heart.

Momentarily angry at her grandfather Chum
Gemma:  You are the child and I am the genius!

While I was attempting to scrub paint off of the carpet bedroom floor
Me:  Grey, this is a really big mess, buddy.  Why weren't you being more careful with the paint?
Greyson:  I was in a panic
Greyson:  Well, remember I'm an elf because of my ears are pointy.  And I was in a panic because I didn't know why I wasn't at the North Pole
Greyson:  Okay, I'm not an elf, Mom, I'm just growing.

We have a saying around here when the kids start repeating whine-requests 30 times in a row that goes something like "How many times do you have to say it?" and the kids answer "One time."
So while we were getting ready for bed and I was feeding the baby
Gemma:  Momma,
Me:  sweetheart, as soon as Violet eats, I will put her in her bed and hold you forever and ever
Gemma:  Momma,
Me:  Gem, honey, in just a minute.  lay down and wait for me.
Me:  that's enough Gemma Rose
Gemma:  How many times do I have to say it, Momma?  Five Times?  Yes, five times!!  Hold me, hold me, hold me,
Gemma:  hold me, hold me, hold me,.....

After nearly breaking his neck doing a front flip on the couch
Me:  Grey!  Are you okay?!  Why would you do that?!
Greyson:  (laughing hysterically) It's okay Mum, I'm just re-dick-lee-ous

Gemma:  (all sung)
Here are my babies
Momma, I brought you some besketti (play spaghetti)
And this is my Momma's happy valentines
with coooooooooookies 
they taste so nice
but greyson cannot have any
stop looking at me greyson!
I am playing with my babies
not youuuuuuuuuuuu

Here's hoping your Wednesday is filled with laughter - from all of us here at the Studer Zoo Crew, but especially this little darling angel girl who giggles and makes raspberries at her 'reedickleeous' big bro and sis all day :)

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  1. "I'm a an elf"... Love his logic about why he was in a panic. So cute. Reminds me of Wyatt, who still randomly asks where our Elf on the Shelf went. I think he'd like if he stuck around all year.
    And I think Grey's right. White Lions just make sense!