first day of trout 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The first day of trout is an annual holiday at our house and the girls and boys split up to follow through our traditions for the weekend.  Greyson and Brandon slept over at camp on Friday night and I woke up to this text pic when the boys were ready to hit the creek in the morning.  (Greyson's chest waders are from Oakiwear).

As the boys spent the morning on the creek, the girls; Gigi, Gemmi, and I, headed to lunch and then off to the nail salon to get pedicures.  This was Gemma's third trip to the nail salon; although her first time there she just slept the whole time (hah).  She was very excited to pick out some pinkish-purple toe nailpolish and then gleefully dipped her toes into the pedicure tub.

Gem sat nicely for her toe polish and the pedicurists were so patient and sweet with her.  Gigi and I both got our pedicures wrapped up and it was another successful Girls version of the first day of trout.  With no sisters or daughters, Gigi gets a chance to spend a full-on girly time after years and years of spending this weekend every year in a fishing camp with a bunch of dudes.  Even if someday Gemmi decides to pick the boys over us - Gigi and I love our girly version of this holiday weekend. 

After our girls afternoon, we headed over to camp ourselves to check in our boys; Brandon, Greyson, & Pappy and to spend some time in the sun too.  Grey was still sleeping when we first arrived, but woke up and was so excited to be the big boy at fishing camp, telling us about all the fun he was having and making it clear that he knew he was the expert in the field of fishing over his Mumma and Sister.  His excitement and grown-up-ness about it both a joyful surprise and sad realization that our little man is growing up!

We all made our way to a fishing hole a ways down the creek all together and the boys got their lines wet and the girls cheered them on. 

Pappy Butch and Greyson

It wasn't long until Brandon hooked a big palomino trout and while trying to call Grey over to help, it got off the hook.  We all got to see it when it jumped out of the water and I said to B, "Make him do it again so I can get a pic!" To which he looked at me with a look of exasperated confusion as making a fish do anything is impossible - hah!  By the grace of outdoor karma, a few minutes later, Bud snagged the same big palomino and this time Grey was ready to reel in the fish while B netted the trout in the river.  


My husband was over the moon about this outdoor moment to share with Grey.  Greyson was overjoyed and so proud of the big fish he caught with his Daddy.  Look for a blog post from Brandon's proud perspective on The Hunting Daddies blog in a week!

18.5 inch palomino trout!
After the awesome catch, Grey was even more happy when his cousin Reid arrived for the weekend.  These two had a blast the rest of the weekend running, playing, and fishing.

fishing cousin mania!
After a little while, Gemmi and I headed back home while the boys spent another night at fishing camp.  It was the best fishing season yet, as far as Greyson's ability and excitement goes - and a clear sign that it will only continue to be a huge holiday on our family calendar.

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  1. Gigi! You give me hope that although I am surrounded by boys NOW, pedicure dates with girls may be in my distant future! :) :) :)