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Friday, March 28, 2014

The lack of warm weather and green in the month of March always makes me feel like life is on hold.  Like we're just waiting around for Spring.  The holidays have died down, the busyness of basketball season has ended, we're all experiencing cabin fever.  It doesn't feel like anything is happening; we're just sort of waiting around; getting through the days.

Lenten countdown chart from here
But one look at my iphone photo album and I know that's not really true.  We have lots of little magic happening everyday and sometimes it's that sort of electric charge of looking in the mirror of a photo album to see that life is indeed wonderful and exciting right now.

Despite the cold, we still try to get outside for at least 20 minutes a day.  Sometimes its with the kids on the trampoline, or at the playground, or just by myself with the dogs.  

Yesterday was uncharacteristically warm (in comparison to the past few weeks at least) and we spent the afternoon at Greenhouse park chasing ducks and pretending to fish.  Oh spring, how we yearn for you.

Studerbaby #3 makes me blissfully happy when I try to imagine their little face and how the kids will no doubt love and dote on him/her.  September seems like a lightyear away still but I am certainly feeling pregnant.  I'm finding it hilarious (and horribly discouraging) that at 14 weeks pregnant my belly is as big as it was at 17 weeks pregnant with my first.  Oh body, how I love you and also I'm sorry.

In the meantime, we've been loving getting pic updates and facetime opportunities with our new favorite little baby, Andrew in NC with his mumma, my best friend Karpy.  He is precious and Gemmi makes up songs for him that are comprised of the words, "Andrew, I love you" sung over and over.

I feel newly liberated as we finally set up various 'holiday' accounts at our bank to separate saved money so that we know why and how much money we are actually saving.  Despite the sinking feeling that came with transferring money out of our savings account and watching that amount decrease - it is so inspiring to see money set aside for real purposes (vacation, home improvement, real Emergency, and gift giving/holiday).  

We had a great time last weekend, celebrating the wedding of two of our good friends in Ohio.  It was so wonderful to be back together with most of Brandon's W&J college friends and to laugh and celebrate such a beautiful couple.  In my hormonal state of bumphood, I had tears in my eyes repeatedly over a vast array of the mother/son dance to seeing Brandon with all of his best friends again.  No doubt I'll be in the background of many pictures weeping like a fool.  Tis the life of pregnancy though, eh?

The Hunting Daddies has slowed only slightly thanks to the wrapping up of our expos in early March.  We met so many families who are similar to us; raising their kids up in the outdoors - it was inspirational and re-energizing.  

We are now moving into Easter season with some awesome packages available just in time for Easter:)  Check them out if you're looking for great gifts for the outdoor kids (or grown ups!) in your life here:  The Hunting Daddies Gear.   

I found the following pic on pinterest recently (thanks Carli!) and although incredibly simple, it has been on my mind for the last few days.  (Picture from Elisa at Grateful for the Ride and Bored Board idea from Becky at I Lift Heavy Things).  There really is no reason to feel bored or uninspired - even when the weather is bringing me down.  And when I do - I just need to remember to recharge my batteries with any of these suggestions.

But whether or not Spring is on its way - we are on the path to an exciting April; Grey's 4th birthday, fishing season, Easter, and my sister's wedding.  Gemmi received her flower girl dress and Grey has been measured for his ring bearer tux.  So we've been practicing slow dancing and talking about birthday games, hoping Gem will finally get out of her Croods obsession ("Croods on"), and trying to talk Grey out of asking for a baby chick for Easter. Just the everyday sort of magic over here.

What is happening in your life lately?  Happy nearly April (and hopefully Spring!)

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  1. We are: Buying tickets to fly home for the summer (!); learning to read (!); getting fully potty trained (!); sleeping through the night (!); and counting down the last two classes Josh has for his masters degree program. A very busy, very exciting time!!!