1 thing I do regularly that makes my life easier

Friday, October 11, 2013

there is this thing I do regularly (usually many times a day) that makes my life easier and also sprinkles gratitude and peace in my life.

I consider future me.

I have been thinking about this recently as Brandon and I keep finding ourselves butting heads over putting things back where they go.  He just don't.

Prime example, when I get out of the truck when we get back from being somewhere, I lug up to the house the kids, diaper bag, empty togo coffee mugs, bags, and any leftover garbage.  Even when its a royal pain in the butt, I still empty it out and put things away.  When Brandon gets out of the car from being away, he walks up to the house with the keys...and then sets them on the counter instead of the key hook.  Coffee mugs left, hunting supplies strewn all over the backseat, suit jackets in the passenger side...it honestly makes me insane.

So I tried to explain to him last night about the reason I care so much about putting things back where they go has NOTHING to do with being clean - because - BHAHAHAHBHAHAHHAHhahahahahahhahaha, that's the joke of the century - with 2 kids and 2 big dogs; nothing of ours is clean, ever.

But its because I care about the happiness of future us.  And not some distant future in like five years.  I'm talking about the happiness of future us later this evening, or tomorrow future us...or next Monday morning future us.

If our things are put back where they are supposed to go, maybe tomorrow or next week, or wherever future us are currently existing and most likely any (or all) of the following:  (a) running late, (b) annoyed,  (c) have our hands full; future us will not have to deal with a big mess or searching for these items.  The thing we need at some future moment will be right where it is supposed to be and future us can get on with juggling the inevitable other 62 things we will be trying to do at that minute.

Besides putting things back where they go, I also do things like reload toilet paper rolls, put a new soap in the shower, write down future notes in my planner ("remember:  stationary cards for Christmas with my fav nature shots from Shutterfly" post it on the November page), or I leave the last two k-cups for tomorrow's breakfast and drink tea this afternoon instead...

it's not because I'm incredibly organized or on top of things.  Let me assure, I am NOT.  I just truly imagine myself out there in the exhausting, possibly having a worst day than I am today, frustrating future and think, let me do something to make your day better, future tab - this one's for you.

Because honestly, the happiness of future me is a nice thing to be able to bank on.  My husband is amazing and supports these crazy dreams in my brain like no other human could possibly and my kids are equally adorable and rotten, but if I'm being honest - as the Mum it very rarely feels like anyone is taking care of me.  Ya know, last in the line sort of stuff.

I'm the one up before everyone else, in bed last, checking that the dishwasher is either loaded, emptied, or running, moving heaps of clothes, paying bills, administering first aid, oh, and making sure every living thing in our house is fed, bathed, warm enough, and contented.

This little gesture of considering future me is a way to bring a little boost to a future day; it makes me feel like someone is watching out for me, even if it is just a past version of me.  And I'm glad to know she has my back.


  1. I love the way you word this! I know "morning me" HATES "late-night me" who decided to party it up with the husband (read: watching Netflix TV show marathons) instead of going to bed at a decent hour. Ha ha.

  2. I need to start looking out for future me.....but present me doesn't like her as much as I wish. :)

  3. I am totally the same way with making sure everything is cleaned up and reorganized upon returning home from a trip. It just makes going to the next place so much easier! I am working on "training" my hubby to do the same. ;) LOL

  4. Love! I need to start thinking about future me more too :) Glad I'm not the only one that thinks my children are as rotten as they are adorable! My 3 yr old son goes from lovey dovey snuggle bug to human tornado in 2.5 seconds

  5. I was literally laughing out loud when I read this post. My husband and I are carbon copies of this scenario. It drives me nuts. I do the same thing every night, too, (fix coffee pot, fix lunches up to the point of making the sandwiches, lay out clothes, etc.) so that I won't be as rushed and stressed the next morning. Love your blog!

  6. I love this idea. I am the same way. I always make sure the house is nice & tidy before I go to bed so that in the morning I wake up to a home that's ready to greet me.
    I also loved how you wrote this. You have a gift! ***

  7. this is so simple, so profound and SO amazing. i read it to my husband. we laughed - we are just like you and your brandon {my husband is brandon too!} thanks for sharing. I might have to share this on my blog as well. your words are wonderful Tab. and i LOVE the new blog look.