what is set as...

Monday, July 29, 2013

On the way to our family reunion this weekend, B and I were flipping through our phones to check the weather and we started laughing about the different cities each of us had set in our weather app...and that got me wondering if that was any secret insight into our inner psyches.

So in the same fashion as a previous post (What's on your..), I am digging into the things that are 'set as'  - those things that are already set and run almost automatically in my life.  What do each of these settings tell about me?  hahha - here we go!

What is set as your

alarm time - 6:14am and the message says, "Get moving mumma!"

ringtone: Strum (iPhone) for everyone but Brandon's ringtone is the Motorcycle revving up

cities on your weather app:  Davidsville, Johnstown, Pittsburgh, and Altoona (all PA); Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Negril, Jamaica

car radio button #1:  Froggy 95 (our local country station)

thermostat:  it's set at nothing right now (it's off) because its been beautiful and in the low/mid 70s for the past few days.  However, B and I have an on-going battle during the summer about the AC:  he wants it on and I like it off (I think there is value to 'suffering' a little and feeling hot during the summer.   #firstworldproblems).  We generally like it around 69-70 degrees indoors though.

computer background - the laptop is set to (super boring) automatic landscape backgrounds. The iPad has a pic of all four of us on it.

internet home screen - chrome 'most visited sites' (blogger, facebook, pinterest, apple trailers, gmail, and youtube).

bookmark in your current read:  2 pictures and the hotel receipt from our AKT Nashville trip (why? hahha)  They are on page 279 of The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

song/artist/title of the last playlist listened to in pandora - Garrett Hedlund (from the Country strong movie).

mood in your house around 5:30p - unfortunately, the mood in our house at this time would be considered, 'on edge.'  the kids are hungry, Daddy isn't usually home yet, and I'm on my last pinch of patience.  We just try to get to dinner and Daddy home before losing my marbles generally at this time.  Generally, dinner makes everyone perk up again before bedtime, but from about 5:30 to 6p is called the Bewitching Hour around here.  It ain't pretty.

Play along!  What is set as your...


  1. Tab - I have been missing your blog.... My mom bought me The Happiness Project for my birthday and I can't wait to start reading it! Are you loving it? I randomly selected Country Strong from Redbox one day and I really loved! Also love the song you linked to in your post, I listened to it on repeat about 100 times after I saw the movie. Hope all is well with you Brandon and the kids!!




    Sorry I did not play along.

  2. I love this! Hmmm, let's see:

    Alarm is set for 7:10 am called "Wake the Hell up!"
    Ringtone is strum (iPhone) Twinsies! lol
    Weather App is set to Montgomery and Salem, AL; Warren, VT; Mexico Beach, FL; Bangkok, and San Juan.
    Radio Button 1 is our local oldies station.
    Thermostat is on 78 during the day 72-74 in the evening when we are home.
    Background on all devices is photos of the littles.
    Chrome home screen is my apps screen.
    Bookmark is a scrap piece of paper. lol
    Last played on Pandora "You picked me" by A Fine Frenzy
    We don't get home until around 6;45pm, so the mood in our house at 5:30 would be very quite.

    This was so much fun! BTW, I found your blog via a link on FB someone posted to the post "An Open Letter to my Daughter about Her Body". I've so enjoyed reading you! ♥