my kids' mixed tape

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

it's my last week at work (eek!) so I'm a little in over my head right now.  Please bear with :)

but in the meantime - after watching Greyson and Gemma jam out to the radio this morning on the way to daycare, I got to wondering what my kids would put on a mixed tape...if they were teenagers...and if it was the late '90s...and if audio cassettes were still being used.

So if all of those things were true - my three year old and one year old might put together a mixed tape that would look like this:

Johnny Yuma - Johnny Cash
Pontoon - Little Big Town
Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker
Team Umizoomi theme song - Team Umizoomi
Stay - Rihanna
I love it - Icona Pop (radio edit, obviously.  this link however is not radio edit)
Tennessee Flat Top Box - Johnny Cash
I feel better - Doc McStuffins' toys
Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood
Who let the dogs out - Baha Men

And definitely this song
Heeeey, Studer Kids Come 'on - Tabitha (Mum) Studer

And then the whole mix tape would be played over and over and over again for eternity.
thank goodness we don't use audio cassettes anymore.
and also that it's not the late '90s.
and also that they aren't teenagers.

yes, thank goodness for all of that.

p.s. #sorryimnotsorry if any (or all?) of those songs are now stuck in your head.
p.s.2. because they are always stuck in mine.


  1. Thank you Tab!! I will be singing those songs as I attempt to go to sleep!!!