Gemma's Sprinkle

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is a sprinkle, you ask?  Why it's smaller than a shower!

My sisters (who from here on out will be referred to as fairy godmommas to my babies) threw a beautiful and perfect "Sprinkle Sleepover" in honor of our baby girl that will be making her way into this world sometime in the next month.  I had specifically nixed the idea of a full blown shower for our second baby (as it seemed a little greedy considering we already have 95% of baby stuff from Booboo's shower), but...we are having a little girl which clearly calls for a celebration of all things sparkly and pink.  Thus, the fairy godmommas pulled together all of Gemma's future closest girlfriends and mentors for a proper sleepover in her honor.

The fairy godmommas somehow planned the whole thing without pinning anything to pinterest (since they knew I followed them both and would be stalking their pinboards - hah), but despite having to be super sneaky, the sprinkle was decked out in cute ideas and thoughtful details every which way I looked.

They put together 'Wishes for Gemma' cards that we all filled out (even Dadda answered one, which of course made me cry).

They made homemade Body Scrubs for the favors - which by the way, I have since used and it almost turned me into a cannibal in the shower (wanting to bite off my own arm which smelled amazing in vanilla and sugar).

They pulled together some festive spirits for the non-pregnant guests to enjoy and toast to our baby girl.

And Gigi (my mom-in-law) was in charge of the Diva-licious cake

Before getting down to sprinkle sleepover business, Abba (my mumma) pulled out a surprise for the grandmas:  specialized pajamas with their respective names on them!

Then it was time to get down to business - the fairy godmommas had tons of plans up their sleeves to get us all ready to celebrate everything baby and girly.  We started out with the most hilarious baby shower/sprinkle game ever called "Welcome Baby."  The fairy godmommas had frozen tiny babies in ice cubes which we then dropped into our (very pregnant appropriate) Shirley Temples.  Each of us had to guess what time our baby would be born (aka would separate from its ice cube).  We all took our guesses and the next half hour or so was accented by overly zealous shouts of "My Water Broke!" when our babies were set free.  It was hilarious.

None of us could resist yelling, "Congratulations!" anytime a new baby was "born."  We all named our little babes too and we all cracked up as Katie became ever more annoyed by her baby who just would not let go of his ice cube.  (she got a prize though for being the most 'overdue').  Abba won the game as she guessed closest to the correct time of when her baby was born.

While we waited for all our babies to be born, we got to work on completing "Turn to me when..." pages of a book that is being organized for our new girl.  Each of us wrote down examples of times that Gemma can turn to us for support or help throughout her life.  Each of us had our own unique examples including "When you want to travel!" (from Aunt Karpy who lives out of town) and "When you need help standing up to your brother" (from Ninny who has 2 older brothers herself).

We also got to work on decorating onesies for the baby girl with fabric, puffy paint, ribbon, and stencils.

And all throughout the evening, the most influential women in my future daughter's life chatted and giggled the night away.

After all of our projects were completed and the table was filled with both meaningful words and adorable outfits for my sisters pulled out the big guns - with props for a 'photo booth.'  After the Shirley Temples, cake, and hilarious accessories - we all couldn't help but get a little goofy and were cracking up while posing for the camera.  Gemma girl - you have so much to look forward to:)

Even our new pup, Trixie got in on the photo booth prop madness.  (she's obviously super psyched about it)

After a quick change into our pajamas, we headed to the living room for a final game.  The fairy godmommas had each of us write a message on a diaper so that in a few weeks when I'm so tired and possibly annoyed...I'll happen upon these messages from my girlfriends to remind me to smile and that I'm not alone.  I could only take a picture of my message, since the rest are still a surprise.  We were saying, "write with the understanding that this message could potentially save a life!"

the first 8 weeks was the hardest for me with our first (so tired/zombie)

And then, of course, there were presents to be opened since my baby girl is so loved already and the women in her life can't help themselves but to spoil her.

It's hard to even find the words to say how much the sprinkle and having all the most important women in my life together meant to me.  I am surprised everyday by the things that come out of my son's mouth or the weird things he decides to do.  There is something very comforting and close already that I feel with the knowledge that growing inside of my (very big) belly is a girl.  And maybe we won't be anything alike, or maybe we'll be just alike.  But knowing that she'll be surrounded by confident, funny, and caring women for her whole life makes me so grateful.  Every which way she looks, she'll have examples of how to be a woman with grace and dignity (in various different shades and forms) and there is not a better gift we could ever give her.  

to my sisters (aka the fairy godmommas),
I could never tell you how much it has meant to me for you to be in my life.
the only way I can even come close to explaining how much I appreciate you both 
is to tell you that for the rest of my childbearing years
I will be praying for another daughter
because for Gemma to not have a sister herself
seems a tragedy
after what we have shared together as sisters all our lives

i love you
and thank you


  1. What a unique but still a loving way to celebrate the birth of a baby. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness...this is spectacular! My heart bursts for you! You clearly have so many great women in your life and Gemma is one very lucky little girl. Your sisters did such a great job!

  3. I love the sprinkle idea! Very cute shower, sisters make the best friends! and congratulations on your pregnancy. I love your blog!
    I just started my own, check it out =]

  4. That is so cute cute! Love the frozen babies, definitely doing that for my sister :)
    Alpine Dermatology

  5. Very cute! Would you mind sharing the list of "Wishes for Gemma"?

  6. Hi Mama J,
    Of course! These are the wishes that my sisters used:

    I hope you learn_________________
    I hope you aren't afraid_______________
    I hope you love_______________
    I hope you get__________________
    I hope you laugh________________
    I hope you never forget__________________
    I hope you ignore___________________
    I hope you become_______________
    I hope you respect____________
    I hope you grow______________

    1. Thank you! I think I'm going to use this idea for my son's 1st birthday party this weekend.