oh no we didn't...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

actually, we did.  After 21 months of his hair growing wild - we finally took Greyson for his first haircut this past Sunday.  Booboo's hair has always been a big deal when we take him out and about.  There have been too many times to count of women coming up to us and saying some sort of combination of the following:  "Oh those curls, I wish I had that kind of hair, should've been a little girl with that hair!"  My son's head has been quite the stranger magnet.

But the thing is...it was very quickly moving from adorable to Albert Einstein-y in the last few weeks.
what is going on with that awol curl?
We've also resorted to using grown up conditioner in it (which makes for its own problems when it gets in his eyes during the bath) and loading it up with detangler spray.  Finally, enough was enough - so we carted him off to the hairdressers for his first real* haircut.

*I say real, because I have had to remove a few dreadlocks in the past few months when its just become too curly and mangy to comb out.  hahha, oops.

before:  side view

before:  back view

before:  front view

Grey got a healthy dose of watering down before the hairdresser could do anything about tackling the combing out of that mess.  He sat really still and quietly the whole time though so as I flitted about him with my iPhone snapping pictures (after literally telling the stylist, "I'm sorry, I'm going to be one of those moms right now"), I was filled with pride because my baby didn't fuss or cry while a stranger held scissors unnervingly close to his little skull.  

Brandon and I agreed that part of the reason that Grey was so well behaved during his first haircut was the fact that at that very same moment, his Dadda was getting a hair cut too!  So from his seat, he watched how his dad behaved while getting a trim and since his Dadda was sitting still and being quiet - Grey just mimicked the same behavior and it was quick and painless.  

It didn't hurt either that there were only 2 other customers in the place (waiting in the lobby) and so we didn't have to wait at all to be seen and during the cut, Grey didn't have a chance to be preoccupied or distracted by other people.  Haircuts at noon on Sundays are the way to go from here on out!

ah!  those curls!!
Grey sat still and quietly.  Brandon chatted absently to his hair dresser about our old stomping ground while I stood around psychotically taking pictures with my gritting my teeth.  Not because I'm so crazy in love with his curls (they really are more of a pain in the butt) but because my baby was getting his first haircut!!  What's next, his first car?!  just kidding, but not really. 

When it was all said and done, the floor was covered in white blond ringlets and my baby had seemed to grow from 21 months to about 15 years old.  

after: side view

after: front view
The following photo comparison is not an optical illusion.  A mere 3 days had passed from when these pictures were taken...not 7 years.  How in the world did a haircut take my baby into real life child-land?  It's a little sad.  And a little exciting.  And a whole lot of cute.

And now that he looks like a big boy, he thinks he's allowed to give me looks like these...

...oh, excuse me...I don't care how old you get or how old you think you are, now that you have a cool short haircut like Dadda...I'm your mother and if I want to ask you to 'give your mumma a hugga hugga' while you're in the middle of doing something (like coloring) - i'm going to ask you.  And if you think you're going to give me this look, well then I'm just going to have to steal a hugga hugga myself.


  1. Very cute! My older son used to have ringlets until I gave him his first hair cut and they never came back... it was a huge step and sad, as you felt, but exciting at the same time. It forced me to realize he wasn't going to be a "baby" forever, even if he still is my baby.

  2. Cute. I have a curly haired tot too. California Baby-Care leave in (or wash out) conditioner is a miracle worker. I condition it, comb it, rinse it and then put in after the bath-time as a leave-in too. It helps the curls stick without getting nappy. It smells good and they sell it at Target. Yipee! http://www.californiababy.com/calendula-hair-conditioner-8-5-oz.html

  3. Lucky for you he lasted until almost 2 to get his first haircut. My sister had her first one at 6 months! She had the most adorable hair that was somewhat crazy but one day gravity took over and it constantly fell in her eyes. We had no choice but to get it cut.

  4. I just started following your blog after I saw a Facebook share about your post about being a mommy to sons. I'm not even a mommy yet and just loved it. And I love this too. You seem funny, and I like it.

  5. oh my goodness! 21 months! good for you! I loved the curls! My son just got his hair cut and it was so hard for me! Such a big boy! :)