Greyson Loving: Up close & far away

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We have a difficult situation; living so far from most of our family and friends.  It has been made even more unfavorable with the addition to our family since everyone wants to have some Greyson loving-time.  So, when we are lucky enough- we have on-site visits, like we had this past weekend with Grammy & Pappy Studer.  They made the trip for just Saturday and Sunday to give Grey some kisses and hugs. 

Not only is it nice for Greyson to get some love, but the extra hands around the house are so appreciated from Brandon and I.  Extra hands means extra attention for Bullet (which makes him more calm) and extra help which helps are house stay cleaner and our yard more neat.  Brandon was finally able to burn down that pile of branches in the back yard with help from Rudy.  And our stove got a serious A-icking from Mare...thank goodness.

When we can't get face-time love, we use Skype for bonding with Grey.  We try to skype with our family at least once a week, if not more.  It is nice to hear the grandparents baby talk to him through cyber space...although he can't answer, he is listening because his little eyes get bigger and he goes still when he hears their voices. 

We've even been lucky enough to Skype with Aunt Uch- who has been in Scotland since Grey has been born.  Even though she hasn't met him in person yet, he'll already know her voice when they do finally meet at the end of the month.  We even got to join Tasha in her birthday celebration using Skype!  We had a cyber shot across the ocean for her 21st birthday (Grey couldn't join in on the fun, duh).

We are a big believer in socially promoting things we've found Skype is free; all you need is a webcam (and the internet, duh).  It has been an essential tool to help us stay connected with family since Greyson's birth.  If you join- friend us!  You can cyber meet Grey too!

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