Lots of visiting love for Baby Grey

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Greyson was very lucky to have a whole weekend of Gma and Pappy Studer visiting.  He got a whole lot of lovin' and cuddling that weekend.  And his mumma got a whole lot of resting (thanks for all the meals, Mare!)  I feel so lucky that Grey is fortunate enough to have four grandparents that love him so much.  I know it is hard to be away from them (skype helps a little) but we feel so lucky they are willing to travel to spend time with him.  Mare told me this great quote that I think is spot on for how much grandmas love their grandchildren; "Grandmothers are people who take delight in listening to babies breathing into the telephone"

Bullet even got some extra lovin' which he was sooo happy to accept.  Grey and I are pretty boring day in and day out- so the extra company means some extra Bullet attention too:)

We really love living in Erie, but hate that it just feels like one hour too far from Johnstown...really its that third hour that is just too long.  But, because Grey is loved so much, he has so many people willing to make the drive to see his little cute butt.  Meg, Matt, and the boys all stopped for a visit on Saturday.  The boys were so sweet and kept saying, "He's a nice baby."  hehhe.  They were running all around and proved that our house is definitely boy-compatible, which makes me very happy for future Greyson running all around.

Then we even got a chance to visit with cousin Mallory and Stefanie!  For so long Mallory looked so teeny, but now finally next to Grey she looks like a biggie girl.  Many many moons ago, Mindy had Stefanie and then about 7 months later, my mom had me.  Jump to present day, Mallory is born and then 9 months later Greyson arrives.  History repeats itself<3   I know they'll be as good as friends as Stef and I have been all this time.  I'm already looking forward to planning summers that they can spend together- hehhee.

And THEN, we even got to visit for a little while with Aunt Kitty who drove all the way from Pittsburgh "on her way back to Johnstown"  We took a super long walk, she pushed Grey while I tried to keep Bullet under control.  It was so nice to see her...I can't wait for Grey to see SCF in full force when Uch gets back from Scotland next month!  He's not going to know what hit him when all that love and kisses comes his way from his two crazy aunts at once.

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  1. Love all the pictures of baby Grey! He's an absolute cutie pie! I hope you (and your mother-in-law) don't mind, but I'm stealing that quote and using it in a Mother's Day card for my mom who lives 3000 miles away!