...and then there were three.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Its funny how life happens.  You are just going about your day, everything the same just as its been for some time...and then just like that the earth shifts.

On Wednesday, April 7th, Brandon and I were operating at normal (normal in 9 month pregnancy terms).  He went to work that day, I worked and then headed over to East Erie to take a walk with my good friend Jess and her baby Sam.  I was happy to get out of the house and move around- but really feeling miserable and so tired of being pregnant.  After our walk (I pretty much complained the entire time- thanks for putting up with me, Jess!) B was already at home and we started talking about ideas to induce labor...that's how miserable I was.  

So, take a guess at what I did....I googled it...obviously.  There were the standard suggestions:  castor oil, drive in a truck on bumpy roads, sex, spicy food....all of which I wanted nothing to do with at the moment.  Then we found a post that said she heard that eating macaroni&cheese with ketchup on it would induce labor, but she wouldn't know if it was true because while her husband was making it- she went into labor!  Well, I love mac&cheese + ketchup- so that's what we decided to have for dinner.

As Brandon was cooking it up in the kitchen, I hurried back to the bathroom mentioning something about watching a movie later.  As I was about to get off the pot (tmi?) I realized that something weird was going on....fairly certain my water broke.  I yelled to Brandon, "something weird is happening!"  He came in and I told him that I thought my water had broke and to call the doctor.  He started acting totally hilarious by being nervous/excited/frantic/crazy and called the doc right away.  I kept trying to get up from the toilet, but I just kept leaking (tmi again?!).  Something no one tells you (including the movies) when your water breaks, its not just a gush...its keeps on a'coming.  Once B explained to the doctor what was happening she said, "yep, come down to the hospital, you're going to have a baby"  So...I would also like to confirm that just thinking about eating mac&cheese with ketchup on it will make you go into labor.  It has worked in at least two confirmed instances!

We gathered our things up and headed to the hospital very calmly.  We both kept talking about how crazy it was that we were on the brink of a life-changing event.  We headed up to Labor&Delivery, got our room, and settled in for a long night.  Our parents, Kayla, and Juice all drove 3 hours through the night to make it in time for our little Studerbaby's birthday.  After plenty of deliberation, Greyson Rudolph Studer was born at 8:05am on Thursday, April 8.  He weighed 6 lbs. 15 oz and measured 21 inches long.  

Our hearts are stolen.

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