Studerbaby Shower & Diaper Party

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our baby shower (and diaper party) were this past weekend- and they were fantastic.  My parents hosted the parties at their house and even though we had so many people come, it was a cozy and close get together.  The girls were all upstairs with lots of yummy food and desserts!! 

The boys were in the garage (and Bullet too!) with a sign on the door that said "Woman Haters Club."  hahha.  They had a big poker tournament (congrats to champ, Juice!) and ate meat and drank boy of them.

Our little baby is so lucky to have so many people that love him already.  We got so many nice things and I am hardly waiting to put everything together and/or away in the nursery.  We could never thank everyone with as much gratitude as we have for their continuous involvement and support in our lives.

G-ma & Abba

Poppa & Pappy Butch

Great Grammar & Great Gram

Great Grandpap

Aunt Uch & Aunt Kitty

Uncle Juice

Uncle Jon

Cousin Stefanie & Aunt Ninny

Aunt Kate, Sophia, & Aunt Karpy

Cousins Morgan & Ariel

Even my son's future girlfriends and favorite cousin were in attendance at the party!  Mallory (Burgh), Sophia (Fiore), and Samantha (Plummer) were all there to celebrate with us.  They are all so cute and sweet.  I loved having babies to hold throughout the day...good practice for a few months from now!!

We have officially asked Tasha and Jon to be our son's godparents.  They are already spoiling him with gifts and he'll be in good hands for the future.  We are so happy that they are excited to stand up for him.  He is so lucky...again.

It was really a great day and I keep smiling when I think about all the love and happiness that was there for our little baby.  I know we will love him so much, but it is an amazing feeling to know that he will always be surrounded by people that love him...even before they knew him.

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