Things Bullet Has Eaten...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is going to be an on-going post about the ridiculous items our puppy, Bullet has eaten and/or chewed practically beyond recognition.  They're pretty funny now...but while I'm cleaning up the mess-there's nothing funny about it.

1. popped red balloon
2. wood chips
3. candlestick
4. cat poop/litter
5. entire tissue box & tissues
6. champagne cork
7. Christmas tree ornament
8. Pine needles & branches (from Christmas tree)
9. his own frozen poop (from the yard)
10. Pinesol water from mop bucket
11. tissue paper
12. cardboard boxes (multiple)
13. Grammar's peanut butter no-bake
14. magnet from the fridge
15. an entire package (unopened) of napkins
16. ashes by climbing into the fireplace
17. Brandon's ALDI papers out of the fax machine
18. straps off of everything (my computer bag, his bed, a backpack)
19. my thumb drive
20. a roll of toilet paper
21. a bar of soap
22. Brandon's slippers
23. dirt out of my plant pots
24. rolls of toilet paper, yes plural
25. a tube of chapstick
26. empty envelopes
27. the strap off of his backpack!  :(
28. shoelaces
29. a pair of underwear...(TMI ?)
30. my netti pot :( :( :(
31. a fish tank filter

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