Around Here Week 46: 11/11-11/17

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours:  523+ hours (of 1000)
We finally got to rake up a big pile of leaves for the kids on Sunday when it wasn't too cold (or rainy). And then the storm came to town and dumped snow and rain on us for two solid days. The kids got out for many hours sled riding and playing around in the snow, but I stayed indoors #lame.

Reading Juntos by Ally Condie (the Spanish version of her book Matched). I also spent three hours of my snow day taking the Practice Spanish Praxis test finally. I have had so much test anxiety building up about this that I had nearly scared myself out of even taking the practice test (!?) It was so much better that I did though - even just to get a feel for the format. I also realized that 11 years out of school has weakened my test taking stamina something fierce. I feel better about knowing some things I should polish up on before the test and have a plan in place now. Thanks to B for keeping the kids away from me - in the same house!- for three hours (that's a feat!)

Thinking about and feeling grateful for all the servicemen and women that we know and love on Veteran's Day. I had the babies paint paper plates like poppy flowers while Grey read to the kids from one of our Veteran's day books.

Feeling worried and then getting better news. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as the next month or two will be challenging. My students were very thoughtful and surprised me with this posterboard sized 'thinking of you' card signed by them and staff members. We all feel stronger to be surrounded by positive vibes and prayers. (thank you!!)

Chopping Rusty's bangs one morning completely thoughtlessly and then laughing hysterically for 2 whole minutes because the second I let his hair go, they zinged right up super short and all jagged. o.mi.gosh. it was hilarious (and so carelessly dumb). He still looks cute as heck, but I can't stop giggling when I think about doing that - what in the world did I think was going to happen ?!

Researching about cold weather chickens as we get our girls ready for the colder months. We bought an extra waterer so that we can swap them out between morning and night because our biggest issue (as is all winter chicken owners understand) is that their water freezes. We've been collecting eggs more frequently, switching out their water, and leaving the door open so that they can decide if they want to venture out or not (they usually do!)

Kissing Coach Daddy a metaphorical goodbye kiss as the varsity basketball season officially started on Friday. He had his first Midnight Madness basketball sleepover camp this year and it went great.  #seeyainFebruarybabe

Being okay with videogames since it meant 'family time' while Grey played Fortnite squads with our cousin Adam over the Xbox and headsets. Adam is a year older than me and I had to tell the both of them (my son and my older cousin) when it was time for an Xbox break (hahah). Grey had a great time though and thinks that Adam is basically the coolest dude ever and learned firsthand how much more fun it is to play with a friend who has your back.

Teaching only three half days this week as we had a snow/ice day and a two hour delay on Friday! Spanish 1 reviewed complete sentences using the verb Ser and go school subject vocab words. Spanish 1 Honors started reading Capibara con Botas chapters 1-4. We played the write-draw-pass game which is always a favorite. I say, "Some of us are artists...and some of us have other talents" #jaja Spanish 2 started the Somos 5 Unit and got some Bullfighting vocab words while Spanish 2 Honors worked all week on their short Spanish spooky stories with their partners. I held mini-consultations with them and it gave me an opportunity to make sure they had a cohesive plot and used vocab and verbs that we have learned. Spanish 3 continued their Imperfecto verb learning with more personal interviews.

Making 3 ingredient pumpkin/chocolate muffins for a snack on the snow day and then blueberry muffins for breakfast on Saturday. I made chicken and gravy over mashed potatoes, tomato soup & grilled cheese sandwiches, crescent wrapped hot dogs, and easy hashbrown potato and cheese soup with 4 ingredient cheddar beer bread (so yum and so easy!)

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