Around Here Week 44: 10/29-11/03

Saturday, November 10, 2018

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this moment.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 520+ hours (of 1000)
Snagged some outdoor time this week walking the dogs and trick or treating on Halloween night to acquire another two hours my count.

Reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and watching the movie trailer a million times. It is all just so so good.

Suffering through a little bit of bedtime struggles with the RustMan who has not been able to settle his body. He tosses and turns and whines and wants to sit in our laps for far too long which has been exhausting. I know it's just a phase and he's our baby, so we're being terrible parents and humoring him through it until he falls asleep. #fourthkidperks

Getting in that spooky spirit for Halloween by carving and painting our pumpkins and then trick or treating on Halloween night with the kiddos and our cousins. It was a wet and cold night, but the kids toughed it out and scored another round of candy. Then we house hopped to visit with friends who were celebrating Halloween and finally peeled kids out of their soggy costumes and into jammies around 10p that night! The kids all celebrated at school with their Halloween parties and parades - including a round of TorT'ing at the preschool. So if you're keeping track that's TorT'ing with my parents, with us, and preschool party equals three separate candy booty hauls. #Goodgrief we have about 20 lbs. of candy on our counter. I did sort out all the kinds that aren't our favorites and packed it away for my classroom as Classroom game prizes (#yourewelcomestudents ) and we sorted out all the mini packs of M&Ms to save for a future batch of monster cookies. Shout out to all the mommas and daddas out there who spent this week packing up&labeling costumes, and buying snacks and supplies for the school parties, or standing in the cold for the 10minute long parade. I love the holidays, but holy moly, they are exhausting. Bless you Homeroom Moms, Dads, and teachers!

Cherishing Gemma's sweet, thoughtful heart. I was flustered the other afternoon between chores, and grading, and kids making messes, and the loudness of it all - so I grabbed my book and barricaded myself in the bathroom for a half hour (haha, classic mom move) and Gemma wrote me a little note and left a kit kat outside the door for me. Gosh, that girl - I don't deserve her.

Celebrating on Saturday with a birthday party for one of Grey's friends (happy bday Halen!) and then Fall Festivus at my parents' house later that evening. We also changed over all of our decorations on Saturday - taking down the Halloween stuff and hanging our Thanksgiving items like our Thanskgiving/Veteran's Day book stash - including these favorites:  Veterans Heroes in our Neighborhood, This is the Turkey, and Who Will Carve the Turkey this Thanksgiving?

Teaching all about el día de los muertos to all of my classes (with the exception of Spanish 2 who was finishing up Capibara con botas and taking their book final - don't worry, they'll catch up on day of the dead next week). We colored calaveras, we learned about la ofrenda, and we watched The Book of Life (Spanish 1) and Coco (Spanish 2 Honors & Spanish 3 Honors). On Friday, we had a huge Día de los Muertos food day fiesta and all the students brought in their own creations to share with their classmates. It was awesome to see the participation and all of their creative twists on food and desserts. It was a fun (and hectic) school day followed by a fun (and hectic) evening since my Spanish Club also put on a school dance that night in the gym. We had a great turn out and so much help and support from our staff members who chaperoned & DJ'ed (thank you!!) and students and their families.

Making egg & sausage casserole for dinner, mummy hot dogs, and chowing down on Marianna's subs and pizzas (bonus of being a teacher - constant access to my students' fundraisers, hah). I also made pumpkin roll for Brandon's office Halloween luncheon.

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