Around Here Ten: 03/03-03/10

Monday, March 13, 2017

a glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 24+ hours (of 1000)
Only added an extra hour this week with a beautiful (and much needed) four mile jog.  It felt really good to get out in the 50degree weather even if it was so crazy windy that I was actually laughing at various points.  Four miles feels great right now which is astonishing coming from me - someone who was overwhelmed by the thought of jogging one mile in the not so distant past.  But considering in only two months, I need to run four miles three times in a row (plus another mile and change on top of that)...well that's a little concerning.  Slow and steady though, right?

Reading The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison. plugging along and still really enjoying it.

Volunteering at our church's fish fry on Friday night for the first time.  I waited tables while Brandon helped out on the phone with take-out orders and the time flew by.  We actually had a great time seeing so many faces and lending our hands to help.  We have some upcoming Friday night commitments, but we've already scheduled our next stint at the fish fry for later this Lenten season!  (It's also our March 12Months of Kindness task!)

Chilling at the indoor soccer games all Saturday morning watching Gemma and Greyson play on their teams - it's the last three weeks of the season which feels sad.  They love it and look forward to it all week long.  It's been so nice to watch Gem grow and learn how to play a team sport and to see Grey progress from last years' first try at soccer.

Sleepover hosting and sending out!  Gemma had her special girls night sleepover with Aunt Uch for her birthday and got all fancy dressed up, went out to eat and had special dessert and then had a sleepover at her house!  Meanwhile, at our house, Grey had a school friend spend the night.  They played football and epic diving catches onto our couches, downloaded sports game apps on the ipad (hah), and watched Rookie of the Year.  Two separate successful sleepovers in one night!  We are moving into big kid territory!

Getting Sheila back and into regular action.  The kids were sad to see Uncle Juice's Navigator be returned ("it's so much cooler than Sheila!" ..true), but it feels good to have her back and all fixed up from her tire issues.

Settling into Brandon's new work schedule and loving it.  It is so nice to have him home earlier and when he's here, he's fully here.  We are knocking out to do/to clean tasks and evenings have never been easier.  We may have to be more (much more) serious about our budget and making choices about spending - but it's the life I would choose a million times over to have him here with us instead.  Also, that beard though (xxxox!)

Feeling like this week sure flew by in a hurry!

Making haluski but with zoodles (and it was yum!), crockpot Hawaiian meatballs, chicken & rice soup with these super easy garlic knots, and chicken tacos. We also made some pumpkin/brownie mini muffins for afternoon snack.


  1. I got my copy of the The Gift of an Ordinary Day and can't wait to dive in!!!

    Your picture of the road you were running on is so picturesque!

    Lastly, I hear you on loving a school-hours-husband. Josh is usually gone from 7-4, he has a half hour commute each way, unfortunately, which eats a bit of that, but I love that he's home during the witching hour before dinner! High five, mama to mama, from central Washington!

  2. I love hearing about your running experience. Training for my half marathon was honestly one of the most empowering experiences of my life. To accomplish, week after week, something I'd never done before was the biggest rush. Keep on keepin' on, mama! You inspire me to put my running shoes back on again.