Around Here Forty - 9/30-10/06

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Hours Outside:  473 hours (of 1000)
Only up 11 hours this week, bleh.  We had Grey's football game and two outdoor evening parties on Saturday night to help my hours a little this week.  I logged some time on the tractor, some kid-directed outdoor time, and some Beer Olympics outdoor prep time.  Our dryer semi-passed away this week (waaah) so the girls and I tried to do some make-shift clothes hanging on all of our outdoor furniture before the fall evening chill set in.  Oh sheesh, always something, right?

Reading Home Field by Hannah Gersen (still) and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone illustrated version with Grey.  Also reading our Halloween book collection on repeat daily, our current favorite is Little Blue Truck's Halloween and Five Little Monkeys Trick or Treat.

Cheering our Booboo at his second to last football game last week at Meyersdale.  He had a rough start to the game (even threw an interception!) and was feeling pretty down at half time - whimpering! - but Brandon and I talked to him about playing through feeling frustrated and how his team needed him...and he ended up running with a QB sneak for a 50 yard touchdown and then catching an interception (his favorite part!) We kept reminding him after the game that the most proud he should be is that he didn't give up even though he really felt like it and how life will feel like that sometimes, but you just gotta keep trying even when you're frustrated.  concrete proof of Brandon and my philosophy that being on a team is always #morethanagame

Feeding the Rust Man.  He had his first taste of solids this week and apparently, the child was starving.  He's taken to solid foods like a champ.  The big kids are all so proud of him and keep telling him all the delicious food he'll get to eat in the future (pizza! donuts! Halloween candy!)

Prepping for our 8th annual Beer Olympics! We put it off for a few months as we had our little summer Rusty baby and after what felt like we had all the time in the world for so long, suddenly it's upon us!  Luckily, 2015 Tab had my back when I dug into our Beer Olympics bins to take inventory and found a note telling me exactly the things I needed without any effort (I love you, 2015 Tabitha).

Celebrating birthdays!  We spent a fun night at our best girl Sophia's 7th birthday party, a bluesy rocking good time at cousin Jesse's birthday party with the incredible two man band Swampcandy and we enjoyed a delicious beer & dinner pairing evening with Gigi & Pappy and Uncle Joe and Aunt Ginger (which counted as both birthday dinner and Date Night!).  We even had a stop at the Pediatrician for Violet's 2 year well check and our Rusty man's 4 month well check this week!

Wrapping up in this markedly cooler weather.  All of a sudden it feels like it's gone from late summer to distinctively fall.  Like chilly fall.  It's been making for an early afternoon of opening windows to let the breeze in to then closing them up almost as soon as the sunset arrives.  I really love this rustling, beautifully colorful season so much!

Cracking up about Violet saying my name.  I could not figure out what she was saying when she'd look at me and say "Mumma Taspah" until I asked her, What's mumma's name randomly and she answered with a big grin "Taspah"  So now when her and Gemma play "Girlfriends" (they are best friend Moms who have lots of appointments to go to and babies with diaper bags) she says her name is "Taspah"

Feeling lucky in love as we enter our wedding anniversary month.  we have these four messy, loud kids and this messy, loud house and this messy, loud life but we have each other and so who cares about the mess and the loudness, right?

Making chicken and stuffing casserole which was a full family hit, tacos for National taco day, and Korean Beef over rice (another family favorite - booyah)

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