Around Here Week Six: 02/05-02/12

Friday, February 12, 2016

A weekly review of what it is like to live in our home right this minute.

Intentional Hours Outside:  9.18 hours (of 1000)
I just said to Brandon, how many hours would you consider lame at this point in my goal? He said, 'I don't know, probably less than ten?' waaaaah.  I agree.  Less than ten feels definitely lame at this point after six weeks, but as Bud always said, 'what are you supposed to do when it's less than ten degrees outside?' which it has been for half of this week.  So, I'm getting out when it's 15 degrees or above and still plugging away at the goal....anxiously awaiting higher temps.

Reading Dear Mr. You and still cherishing it slowly.  Also listening to Tell the Wolves I'm home on audible and just started our next Inspired Readers Book Club choice: A Man Named Ove to be ready for discussion on Monday!

Recognizing that sometimes you have those weeks that while you're searching for the tv remote behind the couch cushions and you grab a handful of questionable items covered in dog hair and snack crumbs, you just shove it back down in there while ashamedly thinking, 'no, I can't take care of that right now.'  It was one of those kinds of weeks...okay fine, that actually happened this week.

Celebrating so many mini-holidays this week!  I'ts part of our favorite bits of the winter season, but the holidays were all stacked up in this one week!  We hung paper lanterns and enjoyed homemade fried rice for Lunar New Year on Monday (year of the Monkey!), then ate Kings Cake for breakfast and the girls made cereal snack necklaces in green, yellow, and gold for Mardi Gras on Tuesday.  By Wednesday, we pulled out our Lenten countdown calendars for the kids to color while we await Easter and the kids finished up their Valentines for the friends at school and gymnastics this week too.  Whew, it's might be kind of boring now through the winter weeks that we knocked those all out this week, hah!

Feeling like a part of the fake society The Secret Lives of Coaches' Wives as we prepared for senior night on Wednesday.  There were the senior day programs that needed created, printed, and folded.  The gift bags that needed final purchases and packed - including Gemma on my shoulders to reach the water bottles on the top shelf at Dunhams (hah!), we needed nine of them and the cashier was giving me confused glances until I finally said, 'senior night! we have nine this year on the team!'  Senior night went well and is the official herald of nearly the end of the season which is bittersweet because we love the team, but we are all about ready to have Daddy back on a regular schedule!

Meeting our new baby cousin Brooke and giving her so many snuggles.  It's crazy how you don't remember how teeny babies are at the very beginning.  I just had a newborn only 16 months ago, and I then I saw Brooke and held her and was shocked.  How?  How do mommas forget how tiny and precious and sweet-smelling those newborns are so quickly.  It was touch-and-go there for a few minutes as to whether or not I was just going to straight up kidnap that baby and keep her forever (haha, only half kidding Taush!) but seriously, Gemmi and I were over the moon about baby Brooke and both held her twice in the forty five minutes that we spent visiting and dropping off some dinner for our cousins - a family of six now!!

Not missing our toys (and the mess that went with them) that I stashed away a few weeks ago, still!  We do have a few items out (sports balls, a babydoll or two, and plenty of books), so the kids have been playing chase and fixing up fake dinner with our pots and pans while I cook meals, and lots of coloring and drawing.  Maybe those toys will never return, mwhahhaha.

Relieved that I can feel our fourth little baby swimming about in my ever growing belly (yep, fourth baby belly at 23 weeks that looks like I'm eight months pregnant- hah!) We also had a regular check up this month and all is going well in there and as expected.  I'm in the auto-pilot phase at this point, but still battling feeling worn out throughout the day.  Also, still very hungry until about 5p when the full blown heartburn kicks in.  Gemma has been talking so much about our new brother and asking always if I'm going to cry when I get him out.  This week, she put a babydoll under her shirt and wanted to have a fifteen minute chat about our pregnancies together.  I mean, that girl is outrageous in all the ways.

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  1. Baby Bump & eyelashes... swoon! So happy for you that you can feel him now. That's such a relief! Love that Gemma put a baby in her belly, too! That's so sweet. Wyatt has been bottle feeding his cars & stuffed animals, so I guess he's feeling maternal as well. ;)