Around Here Week Eight: 02/19-2/26

Friday, February 26, 2016

A weekly review of what it is like to live in our home right this minute.

Intentional Hours Outside:  13.45 hours (out of 1000)
Woohoo!  We had absolutely beautiful weather last weekend and we spent a ton of time outside just soaking in the fake spring weather.  While the weather was warm, we all headed outside and got the trampoline all put back together and the kids were thrilled to get in some jumping time again.  We had a few pick up games outside (football, soccer, and keep away) and they even were running around in barefeet! As the weather started to cool off again though, we still made a point to get outside and rode quads at Gigi and Pappys house, and I miraculously remembered to charge the kids' jeep and the girls had fun driving all over the yard and exploring the tree line despite the chilly temps. 

Reading:  A Man Called Ove with our book club (still loving it), and still slowly sipping Dear Mr. You and still loving it so much.  In spare moments, I'm slowly chipping away at Buddhism for Mothers: A Calm Approach to Caring for Yourself and Your Children and it is almost like a bit of meditation.  I always walk away from the readings feeling lighter and more intentional in my parenting.  (it's also on my 100 small things list!) 

Celebrating our Gemmi Rose's fourth birthday.  She was a big helper on Friday getting ready for her movie star make-up party.  We had a great turn out and lots of fun at the various makeover stations followed by a dance party and photo booth.  Gemma loved being the star of the show and took it upon herself to pass out everyone's dinner plates and napkins.  We are so blessed to have so many people share our kids' birthdays with us and celebrate their lives.  I always get so choked up at the birthday song and candle moment, but I try to hold it together.  THEN she got her ears pierced!  Brandon was probably more nervous than her, she did a great job and there were no tears!  

Cheering on Grey at his indoor soccer game on Saturday morning.  Grey was so proud to play and the girls loved clapping and shouting out for their brother and his teammates.  My dad is one of the assistant coaches and it makes me happy to see their shared enthusiasm for the sport and for the time they spend together. 

Surprised on Saturday afternoon when we walked into my parents' house expecting a small lunch with my parents and sisters, to discover that we were in the middle of a surprise baby boy sprinkle.  My sisters put it all together and we were completely blindsided and so happy.  Brandon's parents, Mimi, and Studerbaby4's godparents, our dear friends Taryn and Matt, and their baby girl Claire were all there to celebrate too.  We had a little cake for Gemma's birthday and opened some gifts and I could not get over the little boy clothes!  It's been so much girl, pink, tulle, and glitter over here for so long that seeing all the blue and boy stuff really got me feeling so excited about having another little guy around here.  It was such a wonderful and unexpected surprise!

Making little moments big as we said farewell to my sister on her way back home on Sunday night.  Granted, she was only headed back to Pittsburgh and we'll see her sometime soon, but we made it an event by taking the kids down to the train station to see her off.  They were very excited to watch the trains come and go and we all waved goodbye in full on SCF obnoxious fashion as she pulled away.  We were all giggling and it was a weird little magical moment at the end of a busy weekend.

Feeling proud of one of our family friends, Taylor, a high school senior and amazing basketball player.  She's such a good person and excellent role model for our kids.  Their team unfortunately didn't win on Tuesday, but they were able to pull out a win at their game last night and are now headed to the State playoffs!  Go Taylor and the CC girls' basketball team!!

Enjoying a little grown up time last night at Brandon's work winter party at Seven Springs.  We dropped the kids at Brandon's parents' house and  we were able to arrive early enough that I got to take a long hot, uninterrupted (!), shower before heading down for a delicious meal (that I didn't make and I got to eat while it was still hot!).  We got to mingle and have adult conversations before we headed back late last night to grab the kids at 12:30am (!!!Thank you Gigi!!) so that Grey could get on the bus this morning for school.  We're a little tired today, but still definitely worth it! 

Baking my favorite cookies:  Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies and finishing off the last of Gemma's birthday cupcakes and the no-bakes that Mimi brought to the party.  It was a big dessert week in our house (hah!) And seeing the truth to what my Aunt once told me, 'you have to host a party occasionally at your home if only to remind you to get some stuff cleaned up and cleared out!' Because of Gem's party, our dining room table (our regular 'catch all area') has been cleared all week and we had Taco night dinner there this week.  The kids helped set and clear the table and it gave normal family dinner a little extra something.  (to eat at the dining table at least once a week is another of my 100 small things list!)

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