Kid Chatter

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Greyson: I'll be a good Dadda some day
Mum:  I think so too, buddy.  How many kids do you want?
Greyson:  Probably three boys and three girls
Mum:  That sounds nice
Greyson:  I think the boys should be named:  Lightening, Prince, and Antler.  And maybe the girls can be named Princess, Castle, and how about, Sendalia

Gemma:  Let's talk about something.
Mom/Greyson/Dad:  Okay, like what
Gemma:  Let's talk about Lulu's skin
(Lulu is our cat)

The kids are in charge of composting our veggies and they take them out to the hillside and use the vegetable pieces to build "Bunny Caves" for the wild rabbits.

Greyson and I were walking the dogs back in the fields behind our house.
Mom:  I'll hold both Bullet and Trixie's leashes for a little while, in case there are deer back here and they want to run after them.
Greyson:  I can hold Trixie
Mom:  I know, but I don't want Trixie to pull you too hard if there's a deer and then you'll have to let go of her leash because she'll run to the deer.
Greyson:  So
Mom:  Well then maybe the deer will be afraid and think it needs to fight Trixie and it will kick her in the face or something
Greyson:  oh, okay I get it.
Mom:  cool
Greyson:  Because then maybe Trixie's teeth would get knocked out and then the tooth fairy would bring her a bone for her tooth and then Trixie and Bullet would fight over it.

After Greyson got on the bus for the first day of school and Gemma and I were both crying.
Gemma:  I thought you said we were going to CATCH the bus!!!
Mom:  Honey, that's just how you say that Booboo was going to get on it
Gemma:  No!  I thought we were bringing the bus home and Greyson was staying!

At the Tough Mudder, Gemma realized I had moved from the spot where she thought I was standing and instead found an older woman sitting there (the woman recounted the following conversation to me later).
Gemma:  have you seen my momma?
Woman:  I don't know, what does she look like?
Gemma:  Well, she looks like me.
Woman:  Does she have a baby in a carrier on her belly?
Gemma:  Yes!  She does!
Woman (pointing): Is that her?
Gemma:  Yes!  Thank you!

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  1. I love it. I will have to talk to Josh... Maybe we can name our baby girl Castle. Or Sendalia.