the joy you brought with you, Violet.

Friday, October 3, 2014

our dearest Violet, 

Oh how we waited for you to arrive.  You had us all believing you would come early, but that wasn't your plan.  So we headed into the hospital early on induction day and even then, you had us waiting.  And waiting.  Your grandparents patiently passed the time in the waiting room while Dad and I made jokes and tried to take naps.  Your brother and sister spent the day playing with Aunt Uch at our house while you gave Aunt Kitty plenty of time to drive in from Pittsburgh after work.  

We spent the whole 40 weeks and then that whole day awaiting to see your face.  

And then finally, you were ready.

It was such a calm and beautiful birth, sweet Violet girl.  Honestly, I remember thinking, am I giving birth or am I at a yoga session?  It was so peaceful and full of love.  God bless your cousin and midwife Meg for such a wonderful delivery experience.  

You were born and your Dad and I could not have been filled with more happiness; filled to the brim; up and over.  

We smiled at each other and stared at you and whispered 'Happy Birthday, Sweetheart' one hundred times. 

And then it was time to bring in the A team; your grandparents whom you are so lucky; so very, very lucky; to have.  All four of them filed into the room to just get a glimpse of your face.  The stood in awe with tears in their eyes and it was palpably obvious that these are the people that would willingly - gladly even - lay their life down for you, sweet girl.  

There we all were; your parents and grandparents; holding you, loving you, smiling at you, and feeling so grateful to get to be a part of your life. 

And Meg got a chance to hold you too, your cousin who helped you into the world while also keeping your mum safe and calm.  Abba said again and again that our grandma Irene (your great grandma) must have been smiling proudly from heaven at the sight of one of her granddaughters helping another granddaughter bring a great granddaughter into her life.  What a wonderful truth.

And your siblings and aunts arrived and we just let them squeeze right into that room with all of us too.  Let rules about how many visitors can come at once be damned.  We were having a celebration after all!  

Your aunts brought in more smiles, giggles, and love with them.  Oohing and Ahhing over your tiny facial expressions, your fingers, and little ears.  They always tip the scales when it comes to laughter and fun.  You'll see that now as you grow, how much better everything seems to feel when your aunts are around.

And then our little nuclear family huddled around you; like a physical demonstration of the walls of your home.  Even at only four and two, your brother and sister understand that you belong with us; you are one of us; part of our team.  And that means that you will be loved, supported, and protected forever.  We will be here for you; we will have your back; no.matter.what.

And then those hospital halls were filled with the sound of your family singing Happy Birthday to you for the very first time in your life.  It may have been nearly 9:30p at night and the kids should have been in bed, and other patients were resting or awaiting their own babies, and we probably should not have lit a candle, or been eating ultra-sugary treats that late at night -  but for goodness sakes - we just could not help ourselves from celebrating you, Violet!

And we spent the next half hour or so all together in that room basking in the happiness that you brought.  Your big sister and big brother smiled, and stared, and gently touched, and asked if they could hold you over and over.  Grey kept reminding everyone that his baby sister was here, as Gemma confirmed that indeed, you are ours.

That hospital room was glowing with joy that night.  We all moved slowly, sifting through the air so thick of love and happiness that time even seemed to inch forward slower.  It was magical; all that joy so densely contained to one room.

...and it was all because of you.

We are so thankful to have you here with us, Violet.
Please don't ever doubt how much you are loved.
Or how much joy you bring to everyone that knows you.

Love forever and ever
(even when you get so big),


  1. Tears. So many tears. What a beautiful start to her amazing journey on this earth. Seriously, I was crying at the first picture. Violet with all the grandparents-- I mean, they just look SO overjoyed. They look like they are all glowing!

    Congratulations to you, Brandon, Grey & Gemma. What a lucky girl to have you all for family.

  2. "And then our little nuclear family huddled around you; like a physical demonstration of the walls of your home."