our girl.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Gemmi will be two this week.
two years of her on this Earth and in our life.
how does it feel impossible it's been that long?
how does it feel impossible that it's not actually been forever?

Our Gemmi is two going on five.
if you ask her how old she will be she answers, "Five."
Our Gemmi is, as they say, 'something else'.

Lots of people use the Shakespeare quote to describe their daughter, you know the wonderful one that says, "And though she be but little, she is fierce."
We can't even use that to describe her, because this girl is more than fierce, the quote is an understatement.

Gemmi explodes into rooms.
She was born bald, naturally grew a mohawk, and then had her head shaved by her big brother.
And rocked every single hair style.
She wears tutus with rainboots, has been walking since 10 months, has been chewing gum since 22 months, and eats salad with dressing and spicy food without batting an eyelash.
The girl is ridiculous.

Her little belly atop those strong, thick thighs and that head of concrete.
She is a little wrecking ball that barrels around the house with bruises on her face and stolen candy in her hand.

The real problem is that everyone is wrapped around her finger.  When a grown up reprimands her, Greyson marches in between the adult and Gem and publicly scolds them, "You don't speak to my baby sister like that!"  This happens even when we are reprimanding her for teasing or fighting with HIM!

Her big blue eyes and somehow already mature way of tilting her head while giving a sneaky smile.
She is a little wrecking ball that slams into everyone's heart, too.
I send frequent prayers into the future for the people who will have a crush on her someday.  Oh, those poor, poor souls.

Our Gemmi will be two this week.
Two years old and a force to be reckoned with.
A force so great, that most times all Brandon or I can mutter is, "I mean..." as we share glances filled with both pride and worry.

Our Gemmi.
a perpetually big fish in a small pond.
our beautiful, spirited, fearless, charming girl.
Happy birthday, baby.
We love you forever and ever, even when you get so big.