Thank you Thursday is making a return in 2014!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

It hasn't been since 2012 that I wrote a Thank you Thursday blogpost and I feel like I have been physically aching to bring them back for the last few months in 2013.  So when I was jotting down some blog new years resolutions- I included "Bring Back Thank YOU Thursdays" - and that's just what I plan to do in 2014.

You see, I have a theory; Happiness is directly connected to Gratitude.  I am not alone in this theory, if you need further evidence - see these examples:

HuffPost reports on the Neuroscience of Gratitude

WebMD & Women's Health talk about the actual health benefits of gratitude

Or this awesome video from SoulPancake (not my first time sharing this!)

I have found that my unhappiest moments have occurred when I haven't taken the time to focus on being grateful.  Granted, to think about what you are grateful for every single moment is impossible - but I try to remind myself each time when things become frustrating or strain my patience.  When the kids are being especially trying and the house is especially filthy; I'll take some deep breaths and catalog a list in my mind.

They're wild but healthy
this will only last a little while that they'll want me to pay attention to every tiny thing
look at the way her little nose just scrunched up with that smile
look at how he just helped her up on the couch
we are safe and warm
we are each other's best friends
we feel comfortable to all be ourselves

And slowly the frustration becomes less heavy on my shoulders and I tell myself, "I can only do today what I can do.  And that is enough."

This idea of Thank YOU! Thursday was originally created because of the enormous amount of flat-out good people that surround me and my family.  We are so lucky to have family, friends, supporters, and random people walk into our lives and help us or cheer us on.  And I believe they know how grateful we are to have them in our lives - but to actually get the words out there:  thank you for being in my life - it does so much more good.

So, I am hopeful that each third Thursday of every month, I will send out a new Thank YOU! Thursday note to someone in my life that deserves a thanks.

I hope that you will join me too!  There won't be any particular theme to the thank yous this year, but rather - each third thursday of every month to make a point to thank someone in your life for being there - maybe the one time you need them or a million times over.

Let's spend 2014 saying thank you to the people that make our lives brighter and easier.

You can find all of my Thank YOU! Thursdays here, if you're in need of a little gratitude inspiration.

First thank you! thursday of 2014:  February 20


  1. This is such a great idea! There are so many people in my life that have stood up for and supported me...they should be told how appreciative I am! Hmmm, my wheels are turning, thanks for the inspiration!