my life currently - by the 5 senses

Saturday, January 18, 2014



hot dogs and mac&cheese

vanilla yogurt


stagnant but yet somehow wonderfully beautiful child morning breath

dog farts

the best smell on Earth; Brandon's neck


"hold you"


the kids giggling


the feel of worn carpet on my cheek from laying on the floor (to wait for a child to fall asleep in her bed, while pretending to be a sleeping monster before jumping up to chase the kids, after dramatically falling to the floor during wrestling-basketball)

her fine hair while brushing it across her forehead or back from her face

his heavy body barreling into me for a hug, a tackle, or to be carried


the two kids on the breakfast table bench framed with our backyard and our mountain view out the window

his shadow in our bedroom doorway in the middle of the night

her face; nose to nose with mine

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