Winter Driving Advisory from a Mom

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An Open Letter to Social Media updaters who complain about slow drivers in winter weather conditions:

It's winter and 'tis the season to read posts that you publicly shame cautious winter drivers.  I get it.  It's what is socially acceptable to do now - immediately run to social media to see how many high fives we can harness by poking fun at someone that caused a blip of annoyance in our day.  I guess I get it.

But I also know that you may very well be making fun of me.  I might have been that cautious driver who's tail you rode for 15 minutes because what you don't realize in your moment of driving impatience is that I have two little humans in my backseat.  One that is crabby because she needs a nap and another who has asked incessantly if he can have a snack and watch Bubble Guppies when we get home.  And by incessantly, I mean 36 times in a row.  We've been listening to this same Johnny Cash song on repeat for the last 25 minutes because it's the only thing that keeps my daughter from whining.  Honestly, just like you, I really just want to get home too.

But I also have a deep worry in my heart, because no matter how distracting or annoying my two kids are in this moment, I also know that sort of the biggest point of being a Mom is try to keep my little humans safe.  So if that means driving overly cautious when there is snow and possible ice on the road, then I sincerely apologize for the moment of road rage I have sparked in you today.

However, please know that as you blow by me at your first chance of passing; speeding by with confidence and a proud sense of invincibility, I send out a small wish to the universe to keep you safe until you arrive at your destination.  'Please let them get there, at least for their mother's sake.'  Because you see, I can't watch you zoom by without imagining that my own children will be just like you someday.  And as your cellphone buzzes with a text from your own mother asking, "Did you get there yet?  Please text when you do," know too, that I am hoping for the same.

Perhaps the next time you come up behind a cautious driver in inclement weather, you will imagine it is me with my two cranky kids that I love more than my own self.  And in place of frustration or annoyance, you can send out a small wish for that nervous driver and their precious cargo to safely arrive home instead.

a Mum and her two little gremlins.


  1. Ahhh, my friend. You and me both. I am not a cautious driver because I am necessarily afraid. I drive cautiously because that is who I am :-). I have not had a winter-time accident (knock on every piece of wood available!!) and I think that is because I drive at what I deem to be a safe speed.

    You are a better person than I am because I've never breathed a prayer for the idiot driver on my tail!!!

    Lots of Love