July 2012 wrap up

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We were awfully busy in July, but I didn't even write nearly as much as I should have to capture all the great things that we did last month.  Capturing most of our little events in my monthly superlative list has really been a pleasure for me to comb through the trillion phone pics and digital photos to reminisce (hah, can you be nostalgic about a month ago?) about how busy and lucky we are.

Most helpful Pin:  our sparkler safety cup we used for the fourth of July.

worst wipe out:  Grey on the slip&slide when he head butted himself into the ground and got his first (surely won't be his last) bloody nose!

Best out of towner visit:  our visit with the Plummer girls after the fourth of July.  Jessica and I went to high school together and have stayed close friends.  Samantha, Jess's first daughter, was Greyson's first date!  They were in town, visiting from ERie, and we got to spend the afternoon together - grabbing lunch, corralling children, and enjoying serious girl time chats.  (hi, JP!)

Samantha, Greyson, Katelyn, and Gemma

Best surprise ending:  my sister's friends threw a fantastic surprise treasure hunt-style belated birthday party for Kayla.  They led her all around town and had her complete hilarious tasks.  Little did she know, it was all going to end at a local bar where we (her family and more of her friends) were waiting for her.  She was so surprised and adorable.  Kayla is lucky to have such great close girlfriends - (hi, girls!) the 4 of them co-write a blog over at Gals & Wine.  

Most fun you can have while wearing knee-highs:  the 'handicap' for the beer bong races at our 4th annual beer olympics.  it was just ridiculous.

Best award acceptance:  Grey accepting his 'snake body' award at the beer olympics.  he was real proud.

Best action shot:  the slip & sliders at the Beer Olympics (thanks to my mum and rapid-fire shooting function on my camera)

Best drive-by photo bomber:  CJ who accidentally photobombed both of our family pictures from the beer olympics!  (hahhha, hi Cee!)

Hardest snooze:  Grey and Dadda the day after the beer olympics.  i love this picture.

Best Zoolander Magnum look:  Gemma Rose who throws her model looks around like it ain't no thang.

honestly, even while she sleeps.

even when she's filthy dirty

The Should-be-on-the-cover-of-BA-magazine (if there was one):  The picture of Grey and his hockey stance in his new roller skates.

Sweetest hugging pair:  Gemma and Trixie.  Gemmi has made a big leap into full on dog obsession these days.  If they are near her, she is trying to touch and hug them, especially Trixie.

this is why we have pitbulls - they are happy to take tough love from babies.
Best make-shift smores:  the smores we made together after dinner one night when it was raining around a candle.  we used chopsticks for our sticks.  Greyson almost burnt the house down and the marshmallows tasted a little like tangerine mist...eh, they were good still.

Squirmiest kid photo:  the Burgh and Studer kids huddled on the couch at Mallory & Hunter's birthday party.  We don't have one picture of them all looking at the camera...ah well, someday.

worst party theme (almost):  The Baby Boy Barbecue!  Which is what I almost called our facebook event for Kate's baby boy sprinkle.  Oops- dont' worry we didn't barbecue any baby boys.

Best date:  Greyson Rudy!  Grey and I spent a Saturday afternoon at the Westwood Theatre (you get to watch a movie and eat lunch at the same time!) while watching Madagascar 2.  It was a good chance to spend some time alone together now that we've got Gemonade.  And since Grey is 2 and terrible - I've been feeling like we need some time together where I'm not telling him, "please be more quiet," "or stop climbing on that," or "no hitting in the face," or "you need to poop in the potty." 

Best Daddy's happy moment:  the moment the giant scissors cut the ribbon for his new district store.  B worked so hard on the grand opening that the ribbon cutting was finally his chance to take a deep breath and realize his hard work had paid off.  We're really proud of him. 

Best 'Daddy's happy" moment runner-up:  the purchase of our new big green tractor.  It cuts down our lawn mowing by about 2 hours, has a scoop (slash we can use it to plow this winter) AND is big enough for me and two kids to run at once.  this should be also categorized as 'best efficiency-makes-mumma happy' award.

Best efficiency-makes-mumma happy runner-up:  our new storm door that I was lucky enough to have Brandon, my dad, and Kevin install for me.  And then moments later, we got a serious storm.

Best Mom ever/Worst Mom ever moment (you be the judge):  Mudpies with the kids went from super fun and messy to in their mouth/itchy belly and messy.  It was a nice activity to blow time until B got home from work that day, but also turned into double baths and clean up.  Jury's still out about this activity.

Best time to get started on our family tree:  at our annual family reunion.  We attended our Uzelac family reunion this year (unfortunately fell on the same day as our Plunkett family reunion - we miss you guys!)  Good food, even better company, a parade, a home run derby, AND talent show?  It's always the best kind of fun. 

Doppleganger award:  My sweet little cousin Landon and I who have the same haircut and color (his natural, obviously) at our family reunion.

Most comfortable nap spot:  our laps, apparently, when both kids fell asleep on us while eating lunch at the family reunion.  can you say, loving cuddle time - even if it is in a crowded lunchroom :)

Best WTF moment:  when it took us a few minutes to realize what was missing in our yard when we came home after a big storm.  Apparently, it was not immediately obvious to us that our trampoline was missing.  Have no fear, we found it.  It had blown over the front hillside into the weeds.  We've since dragged it out and re-assembled it -and its not broken!

Most exciting local find:  Greenhouse Park's swimming hole in the Stonycreek!  The kids and I met my parents and sisters at one of our favorite local parks only to discover that folks have been gathering there this summer to swim in the river.  My parents, sisters, and Kevin were there to participate in Coal Tubin', but it was our first introduction to just plain creek-swimming at Greenhouse Park.  Who knew?

we may be busy - but I like to think that we are more lucky rather than busy.


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