June 2012 superlatives

Saturday, July 28, 2012

This summer is cruising right on by, isn't it?  It's already the end of July and I haven't even offered up my snazzy June superlatives, aka the lazy girl's way of wrapping up our months.  No matter how late, here we go!

Best ab work out from laughing: Scf weekend with my sisters, Gemmi, and my mumma. 

Fullest belly:  Gemma's, as she got her first taste with some baby food

Best efficiency upgrade:  double baths on bath night.  We've been tossing both kids in the bath together instead of trying to get through separate bathing sessions.  Luckily, Gemma's baby tub leaves enough room for Booboo to sit too, or sometimes we just use the Bumbo.  (warning:  Bumbos are not for the bath.)

Best Daddy in the whole world:  Ours!  and our grandpaps (Chum & Pappy Butch), all of who we celebrated for Father's day this month.

Best Room Re-design:  Combining Greyson & Gemma's bedrooms.  It has helped take care of our monster problems (mostly) and it has freed up the other bedroom to act as a guest room/home office.  

Most liberal edits to a song's lyrics:  Greyson helping Gemma sing Patty Cake.  His lyrics are:  "Patty Cake, Bakers Man, roll it, Park it in the G, put it in Kevin for Greyson, and Mumma, and Gemmi!"

Best out of town visitors:  The Jurichs, who came home from Nebraska for their baby shower on Father's day.  Mikey was one of the groomsmen in our wedding and is still one of Brandon's best friends.  We got to spend some time with them at the shower, and then again the following day when they stopped by for dinner and baby talk.  (update:  They had their first baby, a boy, Colton Michael, yesterday - July 26.  Happy Birthday, baby Colton.  We are sending our love & kisses to NE!)

Mikey, Brandon, Gemmi, and Tyler.  High school friends:)
'So wrong, but it feels so right' award:  Greasy, horribly-bad-for-you vendor food at Thunder in the Valley.  We caught dinner and lunch there.   

America's Next Top Model:  Trixie when she stepped into my cloud photo shoot session for a full on glamour shot.  She's kind of a diva.

Best way to distract a toddler when waiting for your food at the restaurant threatens disaster:  pretend live news broadcasts recorded on my iphone.

Cutest hipster:  Gemma Rose in her I heart NY onesie and slouchie hat.  She's kind of too cool for me.

Best mini-vacation:  Our weekend with the Hubbards in Baltimore.  We visited the National aquarium, stopped by Federal Hill park, and caught up on some quality family time.  

Little Scientist Award:  Greyson, when I caught him in front of the dryer trying to figure out how the drum light turns on and off.

Jack & Jill Award:  as in 'rolls down the hill' - Gemma Rose, who learned to roll over.  Ugh oh, its the start of mobility, which means we're in trouble.  She also gets the Santa's elf award as she's started showing an interest in toys.

Cutest duo:  Grey and Gemmi as they are really starting to to take an interest in each other.  Grey wants to get in on playtime with Gemma.  And sometimes just pulls up his chair to 'watch her play.'  

Cutest Duo - First runner up:  Greyson & his first crush Karpy.  Grey has always had a little thing for Karpy, since the day they first met when he was only seven weeks old. 

June 2010
June 2012

Overall, June was a great month for us, but it went by so quickly!  Where is this summer getting to?!

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