Fake spring wrap up: a collection of iphone photos

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Now that we're moving into official spring - I'm going to take this opportunity to do a major phone photo dump to document how we spent our fake spring...and by fake spring I mean our March-April that ranged in temperatures from below 32 degrees to some days well over 75 degrees.

If having a second child has taught me anything, I've learned the importance of having a semi-quality phone camera and fun apps to make the pictures look nice.  I'm doing my best at taking proper photo documentation of our family and events with a real life Camera , but with limited access to my own hands (as they're in a perpetual state of holding, wiping, or burping children) its been a whole lot easier to snap quick pics with my phone.  

So here's a little peek at our fake spring fun:

Grey and the dogs burned energy chasing each other outside

I was surprised by both the temperature in March and the lack of spell check from the local news, this must be the opposite of 'its raining men.'

Grey got to test out his swimming trunks

The boys were happy to start tractor season

Gemmi smiled.  a lot.  And made her mumma fall madly in love with her.

We organized the playroom (again) and Grey got to test out his painting supplies from the Easter Bunny

We struggled (and continue to struggle) with getting Grey to bed and staying in bed for the whole night. 

We woke up many times with our whole family in our bed.  Can you tell which of us is the morning person?  I'll give you a hint, she's kind of a the boss.

Gemma learned to say "cow" (haha, but seriously).   And Grey continues to be so sweet one minute and then the next acts like a child raised by wolves.

Grey started Daycare (we call it school).  He kind of hates to love it.

Play doh and I became frenemies.  It keeps my child occupied for a record-breaking amount of time (ie. 20 minutes) but then is a horrible beast to clean up.  I need to look into some moon sand, asap.  

I started my couch to 10k program.  So far, its going okay.  In a little bit of a rut as my children are both runny nosed and possibly hand,foot,&mouth'ed.  (not to be confused with hoof & mouth).

I've learned to succumb to letting Boo make messes, sometimes controlled mess is the best way to keep him quiet so I can watch Glee in silence.  

Gemma showed off her muffin top.  And made it look good.

We spent an evening playing, running, and getting face painted at our elementary school for a reading festival.  On this day, Grey & Gem also got their first school bus ride.  After an initial bout of terror, Grey loved it and now won't stop asking when we'll ride one again.

Brandon and I ate dinner out just because (not even for 12 months of dates!) and had funnel cake fries.  Yea, you read that right:  funnel.cake.fries.  

We missed our Aunt Karpy on her birthday

Gemmi realized her mum is slightly obnoxious.  And she kind of likes it.

Then one day it snowed.  And then the next day it melted.

Grey went turkey 'hunting' with Dadda for the first time.

Greyson got 2 pet frogs from his aunts for his birthday.  Frogmore perished after only one day due to a fish tank filter tragedy.  Antonia subsequently died from a broken heart 6 days later.

I accidentally locked Gemma in the car in our driveway.  I had to call 911.  The police came and so did a towing company.  She cried for 20 minutes and fell asleep.  I almost cried for the whole 45 minutes it took them to get her out.  Then I hugged the towing guy. 

My phone photo album is a like a weirdly, hilarious curated list of the strange little events that make up our day to day living.  Hope you enjoyed that awesomely random account of our fake spring:)  

happy first day of May!


  1. The pillowtalk video is too much for me to bear. "hold hands?" i miss those BABIES!

  2. skip the Moon sand...it is a disasterous mess!!