thank YOU! Thursdays: introduction

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The thank YOU Thursdays writing project started brewing in my mind this past month while I was going over our list of random acts of kindness goals (writing thank you notes to our family and friends) while watching NatGeo's new show "Doomsday Preppers."  Strange, I know.  But I got to thinking about what I'd want to say to the important people in my life if all the 2012 hype was going to turn out as true.  How I have all these honest and gracious things to tell so many people in my life, but never get around to actually saying them because a) its too embarrassing to bust into tears trying to get out the truth about how much they mean to me b)I believe they already know how grateful I am even if I don't actually say it or c) any other number of excuses that really mean the same thing as 'I don't make the time to tell them.'

So, out of this kind of spiraling brainstorming session, I was inspired to create a writing project around getting out all the gratitude I carry around silently in my heart for the people in my life that have loved, supported, laughed, and helped make  If the end of times is upon us (and you know I have some experience about I was a contributor in my dad's published book on the subject:  A Family's Perspective on 2012 by Kevin J. Adams) I'd like to say what I've been meaning to say all this time.  And what better way than in writing that they can read it and come back and look at it  forever...and being able to side step that whole crying in front of them while trying to get it out thing is a bonus.  This way, I'll just be able to sob about it alone staring at my computer screen - fun!  hahhha, but kind of not kidding; sometimes a good cry is really rejuvenating.

So, here's the plan for anyone interested in linking up on Thursdays to say thank you to the important people in your life:
1. the week before I'll post "who" we'll be writing our thank you for, so you'll have all week to think about and start writing your thank you letter.
2. there are no rules about the tone of your letter - if you'd like to be sarcastic, or ironic, or funny, or silly, or heartfelt, or mushy - go for it.
3. write it like its the last chance you'll get to say it; so say it all.  December 2012 is creeping up pretty quickly (hehhe)
4. link up!

Let's start a revolution of gratitude - Let's not wait another minute to let the people in our lives know how grateful we are for them - Let's cry alone in front of our computers!!...Because we don't want to end up writing in to this blog because we aren't going to wait until its too late.  Here, I'll get the ball rolling: Thank YOU to all of you that are going to join me on this project.  See you next week!

Next Week's (the 1st ever) thank YOU Thursday:  Someone you could never thank enough

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  1. Thank you Tab for being a wonderful, caring, witty, creative, supportive daughter and for being such a loving devoted Mother to my two beautiful grandchildren. I will always love you more! Your Mumma :)