Excuses girl

Friday, March 23, 2012

It's tab.
And I'm here to give you all the excuses why I haven't written a blogpost in a week.

I went to the park with the Fiore girls and my kids and we threw grilled cheese in the creek and pretended it was for fish

I watched the Descendants on demand (it was worth the $4.99)

I went back to sleep until 9a after feeding Gemma while Grey was staying with my parents overnight

I kissed a lot of Booboo's "booboos"  (and I'm not saying that to be sentimental, I mean literally - every time he bumps any body part on anything he comes over to me and says, "Tiss it, Mumma")

I put Greyson to nap just as Gemma woke up to be fed...like 4 times this week

I learned more about baby yoga because Gemma has a hard time every evening between 7p-9p and I'm hoping it will help her

I tried to get Trixie adjusted to her invisible fence collar (she hates it)

I took Grey to spend the afternoon with his Pappy Butch and I stayed and had lunch with my father-in-law because I needed to have an adult conversation

I changed all the bedsheets

I met our priest with both kids in tow to set a date for Gem's baptism

I went to the chiropractor

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast

I talked to my sister on FaceTime and then she wrote this funny comment on my last post

I matched and folded approximately 34000 baby socks

I researched day cares for Grey

I had a beer with my husband while watching Cedar Rapids (which we thought was actually pretty funny)

I made a bird seed wreath and other bird treats toward our March kindness (more on that soon)

I made Greyson's bday invitations

I ate good food that I didn't make and enjoyed nice company (hi, Rummels and Mayers! Thanks again!)

I laid in the sun while Grey made mudpies

I told the dogs to stop barking.  a.lot.

I re-watched the Hunger Games trailer on hulu

And I did a lot of this (and by this I mean carrying our daughter around in the bjorn so she'd stop crying and get some sleep in the early evenings.  and by this I also mean having really knotty, dirty hair, but by this I did not mean making strange half-expressions like I am in this picture)

With all that said, I'm out of excuses.  Gem has started sleeping 5 and a half hours at night which has granted me the ability to function like a semi-normal human being during the day now.  And I'm honestly not even being a tiny bit sarcastic - 5 and a half hours is a big bonus from the 3 hours I was getting a week ago (ya feel me, right mommas?)  So this is my promise, I'm going to be better and I'm definitely going to get to writing:)  thanks for hanging around though in the meantime.  you guys are the best<3 


  1. Who needs an excuse when you have a newborn??? Everyone who's been there knows it's tough to get ANYTHING done, especially when sleep is seriously lacking. Keep going you awesome mum you!

  2. My "baby" is almost 17 and I still vividly remember that total exhaustion from those baby days....and I counted getting to sleep from midnight to almost 5 as a full night's sleep.