baby, its cold outside...but lets go out anyway

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Even though the weather has been less than ideal the past few weeks (although, we have had some unseasonably warm ones sprinkled in there), I have been making an effort to get Grey and Bully outside anyway.  The two of them trapped in the house without wide open space to run can wreck havoc on my cupboards and my psyche - so despite rain, snow, or wind; we venture outside for a little freedom.

 And Grey throws Bully's ball

And they go off to explore together

And they bark at the birds and groundhogs in the woods

While I follow them around under my umbrella

And giggle over the face I can almost no longer see my feet over my big 30 week Gemma-belly

And my Booboo bear gets ever more dirty and wet (which warrants an immediate warm bath when we get back inside follow by naptime)

And the trees look awfully spooky with all the fog and rain

And Grey finds dead caterpillars that he wants to be his friend

But much to his dismay, they never want to play ball with him

Or we really bundle up and go outside in the snow...even though Grey refuses to wear his gloves for longer than 4 minutes at a clip

I've taken it upon myself to alter the postman's slogan to fit Mummas of Sons:  Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these Moms of the swift completion of tiring out their Sons.

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