Speaking 19 month old language

Friday, November 25, 2011

Some quick stats on Booboo's language development at 19 months:

Languages he speaks:  English & some baby sign language
Words able to speak: a lot.  i tried to count but got over 65 and then realized I forgot all the small words like eye and pizza...so then I quit counting.
New Words/phrases per week:  about 4 (most recently including, "Mooma" (Kuma, which is our name for his Aunt Pam), "hold it", "down ma-cheen" (sound machine), and "nose runnin"
Most used word:  Bullwee (Bully)
Weirdest word:  Bom bost bin (compost bin)
Most used phrase:  "Past ike Bullwee?"  (Fast like Bully?)
Most clearly spoken non-normal word:  itchy  (as in 'Bullwee's itchy')
Funniest pronunciation:  buttkiss (breakfast)
Sweetest child translation:  After asking Grey if he had poop in his pants and Grey said "No!" Brandon said, "I think you're lyin'" to which Greyson replied, "Rooooarrr!"
Favorite use of language structure:  possessives like, "Dadda's shoe" and "Mumma's bed" and "Booboo's peet (feet)"
Newest use of language structure:  "too" as in, who's laying on the bed?  To which Grey replies, "Dadda.  Bully.  Mumma too."

He's started doing this hilarious new mouth movement when he says words like "juice," and "mouse," and "Donald" (as in duck) where he purses his lips out as far as possible.  He also does this mouth pose when he is fake crying (approximately 12 times a day).  It makes me laugh to see him try out different positions for his tongue & lips to try to get the words to sound just right.

After the first three examples of his lip-purse in this video, he starts doing the normal wacky talking about things that make no sense.  like saying his Uncle Jonny & Ninna are on Mickey Mouse.  Welcome to the mind of a 19 month old.

It has been amazingly awesome to listen to the changes in Greyson's language development (sorry, nerd alert here).  But I've really enjoyed listening to Grey go from:

"Bully bone?"
"Bully eatin' bone?"
and now to
"Bully eatin' is bone?"

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