fall festivus 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

My parents hosted the second annual Fall Festivus in late September.  The idea behind Fall Festivus is that during mid-fall each year, friends and family would come together and bring anything that they've made throughout the year to share with each other...like a harvest.  This year we brought our homemade wine (The Grape Chameleon) and teamed up with Jon&Ninna for a deer roast in the slow cooker & elk st.  I also whipped up some baked apples (from pinterest) but they didn't turn out as yummy as I had hoped.

We played horseshoes and ate and drank and were merry...and my family wore flannel, because I'm that much of a geek.

3 1/2 studers in attendance at this year's fall festivus!

Greyson had a ton of fun at Fall Fest this year, stomping around in his boots and throwing river rocks into my parents' water feature.  Brandon won the horseshoe tournament alongside Bill Percinsky.  And me?  I got to eat yummy food, talk with real life grown-ups,  and rest while everyone else watched my little animal child.

Not only did we see many faces of friends&fam that were repeat Fall Festivus attendants - we also got a special treat by having some newbies in attendance.  Like our cousins Adam&Lea who are back on the mainland after living in Hawaii for a few years.  And Tasha's friends that she met while studying abroad last year in Scotland!  Olof (from Sweden) had been traveling worldwide for the past year (we were actually in Thailand at the same time in March!) had made it to his USA-leg of the trip and drove up with Beth (from Kentucky, USA) for Fall Festivus.  The Kateri (from Canada) made the trek down to join up for a full-on Scot Reunion.  It was awesome to meet them & I loved seeing Tash so happy to be back together with her friends.

Beth, Tash, Kateri, and Olof
By the time Booboo had gone to sleep (and I was almost ready to join him), the drinking had picked up at the party to include a 49 person game of flip cup.

Followed by more games of beer pong and flip cup...

And more drinking...including homemade moonshine & wine, a a little Jim Bean:)

As always, the night closes out (aaaand, I'm in bed already) with musical stylings thanks to Jordan around the fire.  The Scot crew got to experience their first mountain pies (success!) and as far as I know - no one fell down the embankment this year (another success!).  Fall Fest is the Best.

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