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Friday, October 14, 2011

By my various means of momma blog stalking (similiar to the facebook trail of doom, where you suddenly end up looking at pictures from your high school best friend's little brother's best friend's 21st birthday), I stumbled upon a blog this morning that had me crying-laughing at 6am.  Seriously, laughing hysterically and wiping my face off while very unsafely holding a hot cup of tea in my hand.  Please read this post, and then feel free to read the rest of her stuff because its all hilarious.  (warning:  she's a momma, so if you aren't a momma or you don't get the humor out of stories that mom's tell, you probably are not going to be dying laughing like I was, but its worth a shot?)

Why do I think this is so hilarious?  The same reason everyone cracks up at Seinfeld and Jeff Foxworthy (depending on which demographic you fit); because I know exactly what she's talking about.  Grey cannot stand to see Brandon or I laying down with our eyes closed.  He goes into Ninja-mode and puts the heel of his hand on whatever part of our face is resting comfortably on a pillow and screams in our ears, "Mummmmmmmmmma"  or "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaada" while pushing our faces toward the ceiling repeatedly until we sit up with our eyes (at least) half open.  Sometimes he wakes up at 6:30a on a Saturday and he opens his door and waddles into our room and stares over the bed like a child of the corn and demands "UP!"  So, after using all of my half-asleep might to pull his dead weight up on the bed, he climbs over me and proceeds to do the face punching move to Dada (if any of you have ever spent time with my husband, you have a vague idea on how much he is the opposite of a morning person).  When this happens, some part of me is equally sympathetic and jealous.  Jealous because I know this behavior is not acceptable for a wife to do to her husband when she wants him to wake up already.

happy blogging:)


  1. hahaha, that BLOG is hilarious! those drawings? how did she even think of that? and no, i'm not a mom- but i've been a babysitter (against my will) for many moons, and that IS how it is. hahaha, totally weird.
    (i'm cracking up about the first picture when she falls asleep..)

  2. Why, thank you!!!! Glad you got some laughs and thanks for sharing my blog! That is awesome!