Bathtub Artist

Friday, October 28, 2011

We have discovered a fun way to spice up our bathtime with bathtub paint.  And now, it's not some expensive toy to buy

 - thanks to pinterest, were able to whip up some homemade bathtub paint using shaving cream and food coloring.  It was a huge hit with Booboo and we've done it a few times now to which he yells "Paint! Paint!" while I'm mixing up his colors.  The painting gets out Greyson's desire to destroy things and make a mess, but the shaving cream makes it a breeze to clean up (ie. spray water over it).  Sometimes its nice to have an extended bathtime since it means sitting and doing nothing but watching for a pregnant mumma.  Plus, I have no problems with promoting art in the house:)

admiring his work:)

Just one example of many of how pinterest has enriched our lives.  hahha, I'm not even kidding.

feel free to follow this board on pinterest to see more kid projects I've pinned!

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