To the fair, we went

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

...okay, this time I promise I'm back to blogging.  I want to say that I had lots of excuses to stay away for so long, but the truth is that after we got moved in (sort of) I just needed to focus on getting our life together.  I did dishes and laundry and put boxes away and painted rooms, and made sure Grey's naps and bedtimes were back on schedule, and started making proper dinners again, and went to bed early and got my tea and a moment of peace early in the morning and was just learning how to live normal again.  Well, now that we're mostly back to normal (the basement/garage screams otherwise with all the still unpacked boxes), and now that I'm taking a writing class (!!more info on that later), I am determined to be back and be back for good.  So in an effort to both update from this past summer AND stay up to date on our current lives, we are going cooky-lookey and I'm posting old & new simultaneously.  So let's start with the fresh:)

On Sept7, we headed out to the Cambria County fair in Ebensburg...and by we, I mean, Bud, Grey, me, Abba (my mom), and Chum (my dad).  It had been raining all week and for that one day, the clouds hung with fog and saturation, but the rain did not fall - so we took a gamble and took our baby to the fair.  The Cambria County fair had been a longstanding tradition in both of our childhoods, so now that we're 'back in town,' we knew we had to take Grey, especially for a visit to see all the animals.  Turns out, we made the right choice:)

Due to the rainy week, the entire parking lot was full of mud pits and slosh, but that didn't deter us.  We marched right up to the fair and joined the masses small group to people brave enough to attempt the weather.  We of course needed to visit with all the animals, which Grey loved...except for the goats that were bleating in his face...that freaked him out a little bit.  But Grey loved it and Brandon has his heart set on getting Booboo into 4H.  Oh, and now Brandon would also like to get our own chickens and goats.  It seems my husband has forgotten one tiny detail...Bullet.  I'm thinking nah on the goats and chickens...unless we have serious Bully training...actually, don't tell my husband I even considered that.  

that's one big horse.

booboo loves chickens.  he's used to them since my aunt & uncle (who live next door to my parents) have chickens

pig time!
smooching, sleeping pigs
Booboo was also big enough to ride some Grade A fair rides, which was hilarious to me.  Dadda took him down the huge potato sack slide (seriously, how "fair" is that?) and he rode all by his big boy self 2 different car/truck rides and as his mom stood by smiling proudly and nervously twitching, he rode a suspended airplane ride.  Most laid-back mom ever or most unsafe mom ever to let her 17 mo old child ride be the judge.

dadda also enjoyed the slide

double steering wheel driving!
After pestering B all night, he and my dad took Boo through one last cow barn while my mom and I ventured through the now very spooky, horror-movie esque fairgrounds to pick up a beloved fair favorite; funnel cake, which of course to a pregnant lady is the creme de la creme of a visit to the manure-stinking, muddy fairgrounds.  Our fair trip actually was a great time despite the chilly weather and muddy boots.  It was always a fall tradition for us growing up, and will now be a tradition for our kids.  Oh how I love history repeating itself:)

Scary Bozo the clown is totally hiding behind that telephone pole - I know it.

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  1. i'm cracking up about Bozo behind the pole. wah!