July Kindness: 3rd Annual Beer Olympics

Monday, August 15, 2011

We had our third annual Beer Olympics day; the second Saturday in July.  We had lots of people coming back for a second (and even third!) time participating - but also a lot of rookies.  From past experience, we've limited the participants to 32; which gives us 8 teams of 4 players.  Teams are randomly selected during the first event (a massive Sloshball game; aka kickball with booze), except for the reigning champs; their team returns to defend their trophy; aka Das Boot.  New this year was our t-shirt design which was crafted up by American Eagle Screenprinting who always get our shirts done in record-breaking time.  (ps. we seriously love them).  

beer olympics is a family affair:)

registration table pda.  how inapprop:) hah
After teams are assigned, face painting (and sometimes hair painting) ensues and surprisingly no one puts up a fight about what we decide to plaster on their face (it could have something to do with the past few drinks they've already chugged in Sloshball).   Our teams this year (pre-designed by Tasha and I while we laugh hysterically the night before thinking them up):
Team Potter (as in Harry Potter's lightening bolt on the forehead) - reigning champs
Team Nerd Herd (as in facepainted glasses and freckles)
Team Jersey (as in super spiked hair/giant snookie poof and painted on 6-packs)
Team Toddlers & Tiaras (as in painted on eyeshadow and blush)
Team Smiley (as in giant smiley face drawn over their entire face, hahhhha)
Team Kate Middleton (as in a crown across the forehead)
Team Kiesel (as in a huge Brett Kiesel - from the steelers- beard painted)
Team  El Tigre (as in black and orange tiger stripes painted on the cheeks)

team jersey helping to paint up team toddlers & tiaras

Booboo spent his day with my mom, helping her ref and taking long naps.

ref abba and ref booboo

team Jersey getting ready to GTL
The day is then completed with a variety of team games that award points to the teams depending on which place they come in at the end of each competition.  The days events include
Beer Pong tournament
Dingbat Relay Race
Monkey Chug
Flip Cup tournament
Bong Races tournament
Beer Duel
Final Obstacle Course

Throughout the day, players can also challenge other participants to a pound-off which is a glorified chugging contest.  5 extra points is awarded to the team of the faster chugger.

i'll ref it, but that doesn't mean I think its a good idea
At the end of the day though, it seems the reigning champs could not be overthrown.  It came down to only a few points.  Looks like Team Potter will be returning again for Beer Olympics 2012.  

Besides the day being filled with a lot of fun and a ridiculous amount of booze consumption; it is not an easy task to pull off.  In our third year, we are still picking up tips to use for next year and ways to make it better.  If you are thinking of planning something similar; here are some of the reasons I think ours has been successful in the past:
1. The end goal is not to see how wasted everyone can get.  The end goal is to raise money for a well-deserving cause (in our case, it is the Make-A-Wish foundation).  Everyone knows they are coming to drink, but that the amount they gave to participate also goes to help support others in need.  I really think this is the reason that in 3 years we haven't had any violence or disrespect occur despite serious intoxication and bringing together groups of people that don't know each other at the start of the day.  This year, after paying for the tshirts and the four kegs; we still managed to raise $365 that has been donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation.
2. One of the party hosts stays sober and refs (aka me).  Okay, so last year was because I was still nursing and this year I was pregnant; but moving forward I will probably always ref instead of play.  first, I know all the rules inside and out.  second, i also have an unofficial authority about me as one of the hosts; which means my word is the final word when it comes to deciding the photo finish for the dingbat relay or whether a keg stand over 10 seconds should be worth more.
3. Our rules are hyper-specific and written out.  there is no bigger whiner when it comes to nitpicking rules than the drunk.  everyone has their own version of beer pong rules; we get that.  but at our beer olympics the rules are written out and we try to cover every tiny nuance that drunky mcdrunkerson is going to challenge.  
4. there is food.  a lot of food.  all participants (or the participants' moms) are encouraged to bring something to share for the day.  so we supply the hot dogs, kraut, and buns and our food tables overflow with treats from almost all the other participants ranging from cookies to pasta salad to pulled pork sandwiches.  
5. there are scheduled breaks.  we schedule a break directly after our fourth (and most difficult) event; the Anchorman.  The break lasts for a minimum of a half hour (sometimes longer) and the second break happens right before the final obstacle course.  At the start of the day, participants whine over scheduled breaks, but when the time rolls around - people just lay all over the ground and stuff meat pies in their mouths and chug water.
6. we have a waiver.  not kidding.  all participants must sign off on it waiving and releasing us from any injuries or sickness incurred during the day.  Plus it outlines that each person is in charge of their own health and is expected to recognize when enough is enough.
7. we have semi-sober observers.  these observers not only act as refs, but also can step in as substitutes if a team loses a player (for a variety of reasons).  Brandon's parents have had to make an extra keg run for two years in a row, when we've realized half of the way through the day that we'll shortly kick the last keg.
8. we have an awards ceremony.  it doesn't matter how old you get or that the award is for having the most beer on your shirt at the end of the day.  everyone appreciates being recognized.
9. we do not tolerate extreme heckling, excessive name-calling, or disrespectful behavior.  there are no warnings.  you act like an idiot and someone will be called to pick you up and you will not be invited back.  its just how we roll.
10. we fully support team spirit and team bonding, especially for new friends that just meet as they are getting their faces painted alike.  our favorite is the day after when our newsfeed is filled with new friendships due to beer olympics.


  1. We are thinking of doing an event similar to this. How much does each participant donate/pay?

    1. we have the participants pay $30 (in the past we asked for $25, but we've need to since buy 4 kegs now). The money goes towards the cost of the shirt ($8), the repay of the keg(s), and the rest goes towards our donation to Make-A-Wish foundation. We also ask non-participants to pay $20 which goes towards a shirt for them ($8) and the rest for the donation. In 3 years, we haven't had one complaint about the cost - a full day of drinking, food, and games is a steal for just $30 bucks:)

  2. Any rules/descriptions of "anchorman" available?

    1. hi Megan!
      Yes - check out our full list of rules that I have linked up in our 4th annual Beer Olympics post: http://studerteam.blogspot.com/2012/07/4th-annual-studers-invitational-beer.html

      As a quick recap though - the anchorman is a relay style race where each team gets a pitcher of beer (about 4 cups of beer in total). The team stands in a line and at the whistle, the first person drinks as much as they can and then passes the pitcher to the next teammate. Each team member drinks as much as they can and then passes it. Until it gets to the last teammate ("the anchorman") because at that point, whatever is left in the pitcher the anchorman needs to finish. There is no passing the pitcher back up the line.


  3. My Fiance and I are thinking about hosting this for our friends and family this year, since we just moved out to a beautiful acreage! Question! As for timing and points.. how does that all work?

  4. Would you be willing to post your rules and regulations? And explain your events like you did for anchorman.