So, what is up with us?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We have been sublimely lucky to be able to stay in the Magee Chalet at Blue Knob while we wait for the closing on our new house (hi, Kate!). 

This has meant that our family can all be together in the meantime and maintain some type of normalcy as we make this massive transition to our new life in Southern PA.

While in our temporary home, we have been:
Learning how to shoot hoops

 and watching the chipmunks

and blowing/popping bubbles

and playing in splash pools

and painting

and learning new things (like animal sounds!)

and teaching Bullet tricks

and visiting Grandparents

and meeting Sophia & Aunt Kate for playdates

and just hanging around

It has been a crazy time, but we are making the most of our little “vacation” from regular life. Sorry for the lack of blog posts, I promise when we finally move (July 22) and I have steady internet (let’s says July 25-26…gotta give the cable people some time) I will be back up and running like old times. Thanks for sticking with us in the meantime!

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