beach bums

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We dared to take a little trip to the beach for Grey's first time at Presque Isle and to attempt to see how Bullet liked to swim.  We've been to Presque Isle (with both of them) but only for walks; this was a first trip to the beach. 
sidenote:  if you've never been to Presque Isle/Lake Erie, you'll be surprised to know that it legit looks like the beach.  There's sand, jettys, waves; all the standard scenery you'd see at an Atlantic beach, minus the salt water.  cha-ching.

After checking online, we discovered that dogs are allowed on any unsupervised beach at Presque we packed up all of Grey's stuff and a very excited pup and headed to the beach!  We stopped off at the beach just before Beach8.  There wasn't too many people there with lots of space to lay out our towel.  While I got Grey ready for his first "ocean"-like experience, Brandon and Bullet headed straight for the water....And Bullet loved it!  Brandon waded out to about thigh-high and Bully was actually swimming!  He didn't mind the waves crashing right on top of his head or anything!  He swam for about 15 minutes and then again for a long while after a little break.

Since Grey loves the water in the bathtub and in the pool, I was hoping he'd love the waves and lake water too...but since its loud (with the waves) and colder...I wasn't sure.  But our little fish baby LOVED it.  I sat down a little back from where the waves were crashing and Grey stood between my feet.  He was kicking his feet into the sand and moving around in excitement each time water reached us.  This makes me even more excited for our vacation in October!!

Greyson and I took our own trip to the beach this past Saturday.  I initially wanted to rent a bike with a baby seat, but since Grey isn't a year yet, we weren't able to rent.  So we stopped at the playground at the Cookhouse and BooBoo got to ride in his first playground swing!  He didnt' seem too impressed and just sat there with his "serious" face on the whole time.

Then we stopped over at the beach and put our feet in the sand and water again.  Grey was loving it and everyone else was loving his baby sunglasses.  hahha.  In other events, when I took his diaper off to put his little swimmie on, he peed straight up in an arc and on to his face.  HAH.  I'm sure everyone around us was just dying about it.  I couldn't stop laughing and Grey could care less.  what a funny little boy.

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